The Sacrifice: Update 23

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Am 17.6.2018 um 01:19 schrieb TrueAxeon:

I was excited when I saw the new Orokin puzzle mechanics, I thought this will now be a thing with new Orokin content. I was really excited when I saw Umbra fighting on his own when transferring outside, I thought now all our warframes would "wake up" and be able to do this. And oh how I was disappointed when I realized that none of those things were introduced in the game itself.

Don't get me wrong, the quest was epic, maybe even the best one so far IMO, and seeing the Lotus back as a Sentient really hit the feels. But ending on an even bigger cliffhanger than we started from and realizing that the continuation is likely at least several months (likely more than half a year) away is kind of sad, not to mention the basically throwaway new mechanics that would be so cool if they could be used in the actual game.

Who knows, maybe all I said here will be rendered irrelevant on TennoCon, but so far I don't really know how to think about all this. I love it, but also kind of sad at the same time.

P.S. Umbra's eye. Wow. That's something I won't be able to unsee, nor stop thinking about all my other warframes in that way.

Well i think the "awakend frame " should be something special to the umbra frame/s, considering that not even the umbral mods are exclusive to the frame, i like it that atleast that one mechanic makes him somewhat special.

About the new orokin cypher i agree they are awesome and i hope we will see them again, but i can also understand why they were not implemented in the same way in the base game for a couple of reason, first they only got introduced in this quest meaning players should also unly be able to come across them after beating the quest, secondly they are kindyá bad for game flow compare to the other ones, so they would have to make them simpler, by maybe not having the player to have to look for the symbols, maybe a version that functions just like it but starting with the already discovered symbols might work better.

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I find it weird that Khora's thing gets mastery while other exalteds do not, it should be either all or none. Either remove the mastery from Khora or give it to all exalteds, just be consistent about it.

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Why is it that Venari and your own pet can still equip the same exact mods? Khora has been out for quite a while and this is just laughable that it simply isn't considered to be an issue that needs fixing. I've been posting it over and over again in these threads yet nobody at DE seems to care at all.


Why is it still a thing that Venari and your own pet can CARRY THE SAME EXACT MODS!?!?!? Why can I equip one mod into two different entities? - This isn't a thing when it comes to sentinels and your own weapons, then why can Venari and Companions equip the same exact mod? WHY?

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