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The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2 +


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The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2


  • Updated the new Glowing Sentient Core Decoration description to clarify that it is a Decoration for your Landing Craft. 
  • Using ‘mouse button 3’ in the Simulacrum will now auto add 5 enemies to the spawn list. 


  • Fixed the game crashing a few seconds post-launcher. 
  • Fixed Sniper combo not decaying over time and instead resetting to zero.
  • Fixed Naramon Power Spike not decaying combo over time and instead resetting.
  • Fixed Rollers not being affected by Limbo's Cataclysm (or Stasis) if they are already within the zone when its cast.
  • Fixed Euphona Primes bullet spread not being based on the crosshair as a center point.
  • Fixed Gifting a UI Theme resulting in it being instantly auto-equipped.
  • Fixed Baro’s Vendor screen not displaying your Ducat inventory amount.  
  • Fixed Pets attempting to use Pet Beds while you're in the process of placing them.
  • Fixed screenshot folders with 10009 images in them resulting in new screenshots going in your install folder instead.
  • Fixed entering your Arsenal with Excalibur’s Exalted Blade active causing no Mods to appear in the Modding UI. 
  • Fixed clicking a locked Exilus Slot and canceling the purchase prompt locking the UI on the “Please Wait” screen.  
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones not displaying any of your equipped weapons. 
  • Fixed missing UI click sound in some menus when using the Legacy sound option. 
  • Fixes towards the Extractor selection screen overlapping the Squad menu UI and tooltip when hovering over Extractors.
  • Fixed Boosters not displaying in Baro’s inventory if it’s available as an offering.
  • Fixed max enemy cap not being enforced in the Simulacrum. 
  • Fixed icon missing for the Prisma Grakata.
  • Fixed Energy colour element not appearing when you change your Energy colour on an Excalibur equipped with the Chromatic Blade Augment.
  • Fixed UI displaying double Set Mod bonuses when equipped on a regular and Exalted weapon. Set Mods only affect regular Melee weapons.
  • Fixed script crash caused by pressing Config B for a Melee weapon equipped with a Riven while experiencing the previous listed bug. 
  • Fixed a crash when respawning in Wyrmius.  
  • Fixed a script error when using Transference. 
  • Fixed a script error if mission gets cleared while countdown is in progress.
  • Fixes towards a Modding UI script error. 
  • Fixed script error in squad overlay when voting is disabled. 
  • Fixed script error when customizing your Archwing’s energy color while a Warframe with an Exalted Weapon is equipped. 
  • Fixed script error when pressing mouse button 3 in the Simulacrum. 
  • Fixed various Syandanas clipping through Titania’s wings. 
  • Fixed incorrect icons displaying for the Push/Pull option in Decoration mode when using the controller.
  • Fixed being able to equip UI themes you do not own. 
  • Fixed Channeled finishers with Zaws not activating Dispatch Overdrive or Exodia Brave. 
  • Fixed an unreleased Stance Mod finding its way into the Codex (nothing to see here).

The Sacrifice Quest Fixes:

  • Spoiler


    • Fixed new Umbra Operator Cosmetics (Umbra Blindfold, Earpiece, Hooded Scarf, and Diadem) missing cloth animation. 
    • Fixed the Skiajata not taking on Custom colors in the final cut scene in the Sacrifice. 
    • Fixed being unable to re-equip Umbra after The Sacrifice quest if you unequipped him.
    • Fixed Umbra’s Skiajata’s muffled audio persisting after chaining Stealth finishers.
    • Fixed the Courtyard Scene’s teleport volumes in The Sacrifice not resetting the player.
    • Fixed Isaah’s lip sync timing. 
    • Fixes towards transmission playing twice in the 3rd hospital memory scene. 
    • Fixed not transferring back to your Warframe when Umbra dies while you are in Operator Void Mode. 
    • Fixed Client’s autonomous Umbra surviving Host migration. 
    • Tweaked Ordis’ in/out transmission sounds for dialog flow. 
    • Fixed autonomous Umbra in Dojo Duels using Conclave loadout. 


The Sacrifice: Hotfix


  • Fixed not being able to sell Inventory items if the value is 1 and not being able to stack more than 20 items.
  • Fixed some UI alignment issues. 

The Sacrifice Quest Changes:

  • Polished audio in The Sacrifice memory phases.
  • Improved some subtitle timing in The Sacrifice.


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When can XP/Affinity not reset on a profile after a Forma is applied? I don't want to throw away 3 years of 172 million Affinity on Nova Prime just to slot a single mod 😞 . This issue is one of the reasons Exalted Weapon Modding and Spoiler Mods are preventing myself and most likely others from min-maxing gear. It is also frustrating that Titania and Mesa require ~10 Forma for the same damage results as prior to The Sacrifice.


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Would it be possible to have Another look at the approach to exalted weapons and forma?

some frames now need 10+ forms to get back to the power we were already at.


1) giving stance mods bonus capacity

2) for every forma on the frame be able to add a free polarity to the weapon.

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UX feedback:
* Shouldn't need to mouseover the squad names at the top of the screen to see what they've equipped, especially for viewing relics
* Inventory should always show names, not only on mouseover
* A hotkey should exist for searching - CTRL-F or / would be reasonable
* Syndicate offerings should always show both the name and the icon, not a mix based on whether it's a component or a mod
* Syndicate offerings that you haven't qualified for have their names mostly obscured, e.g. by "Requires Revered"
* Leave Squad should be available before mousing over your glyph in the top-left
* The hamburger menu in the top-left was useful when the keyboard stopped responding - please add it back
* Mouseover menu on your glyph should be wider to reduce the word wrap frequency, same for squad details

Sound feedback:
* Too many menu sounds, please provide a way to disable these or change their volume
* Ambient ship + dojo sounds need a separate volume setting (currently controlled by sound effects)
* Message beep volume should have a separate setting (currently controlled by sound effects)
Other issues that have carried over from the older versions:

* Unbounded overlay map is very intrusive and needs a review (or a 3rd option) 

* Kuva placement and visibility problems on infested tiles

* Ability use should not be blocked while fishing spear is equipped

* Abilities should be able to target Firbolgs and Bolkors

* Gara's Splinter Storm should not break corpus windows when you run past
* Switching to/from operator with a high ping takes several seconds, e.g. 500ms ping takes 5s to switch to switch sometimes
* Operator void dash frequently results in out of bounds and position reset
* Operator damage kicking you back to your frame resets your position to the first time you used operator, frequently the start of the mission
* Energizing Dash does not work if you land running - I frequently need to walk backwards to trigger it, and sometimes need to dash again for some reason
* If you get Session Full when joining a session then the next mission selection does not work - you need to select it, cancel, select again 

QoL improvements:
* Range for melee weapons should be listed in game. I'd be content with listing the base range so we can compare similar items, e.g. Orthos Prime vs other polearm. 
* Trade interface needs multi-select, similar to selling for ducats or credits. Current interface is awkward
* Relic enrichment interface is awkward when enriching 10+ - click relic, click radiant, click ok, refresh screen, repeat. This should allow multiple, or at least not reset selection
* A "Hide Mastered" filter in arsenal+market would make it easier for new players to see what they need to work on still
* Ability to issue commands to lures/spectres/etc from further away, especially when they are off the ground and you can't get close enough to hit X

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Umbra's 2 (Radial Howl) is twice as slow as Radial Blind (1.8 seconds, versus 0.9 seconds). It feels extremely sluggish to use, and has no additional benefit against any enemy that isn't Shadow Stalker or a Sentient drone-- and even in those cases, operators can do the same thing anyways regardless of frame choice.

Any chance of making its cast time on par with Radial Blind, just so it's not a straight downgrade?



Fixed not transferring back to your Warframe when Umbra dies while you are in Operator Void Mode.

That's a shame. I was hoping to be able to stay in Operator mode for more than three seconds, like I already can with literally any other warframe.

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Void dash goes through the eidolon head, it shouldn't.


edit: Some armor doesnt fit correctly with umbra ( Edo Prisma specifically ) 

Might be with excal proto skin only, i have not done testing

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Could we get Radial Howl to have the same cast time as Radial Blind please? It's Excalibur's most important ability right after Exalted Blade, and having it gimped in this way on Excalibur Umbra just takes away from what is otherwise an amazing Warframe. Thanks in advance! Love your work on this quest!

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im still disappointed that there is no reason to use the prime warframe if there is an umbra version.


Cant use Umbra mod-sets because of the polarity / cant use excal prime cosmetics on umbra and vice versa / Umbra is just better right now... visual and mod wise.
Well, there wont be a fix for excal primes current visual issues or even a visual rework - i guess i can start ignoring that i purchased him back then

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