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The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2 +

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Can't seem to progress in The Sacrifice.


I made it up to Confront Umbra (Tycho, Lua), but the game seems to--
Okay, I just looked up Tactical Potato playing the quest, and this whole part of the game is completely different for me. As soon as the mission starts (cutscene of Orbiter arriving at Lua), everything has a golden hue to it, like the new UI. After that, rather than spawning as my Operator in, well, where you're supposed to spawn... I'm Umbra, and I seem to have spawned at a later part of the quest -- everything's a very ethereal gold, and I'm walking down a path with the tree and Umbra at the end of it, while Isaah speaks. (UI and all is intact, as well, which doesn't appear to be the intention for the correct part of this quest.) Upon arriving at the end, the cutscene of Ballas talking about the Tenno plays and when the camera zooms in on Umbra (Ballas: "And take away its pain."), the game locks up and won't progress or let me do anything (besides open the chat window).


...Basically, it seems the quest has mashed various parts of itself together in the wrong order, and it realizes this during a cutscene and freezes.
I restarted and logged back in just before going to Lua, but attempting the mission again yielded the same result.

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Additional detail after relog
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All the fixes are appreciated and the work ya'll are doing is great. But now there is an issue when tryin to add fish to the tanks in the orbiter, there's no button to confirm that you want the selected fish in the tank and none of the standard keyboard buttons such as enter seem to work either. It's not something huge but its still an issue.

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4 hours ago, Chara said:

Could use a fix for Exalted Blade being unchanneled once you re-enter Umbra after transference. 

Please fix Umbra’s unchanneled Exalted Blade 


How I imagine it should work in game:

Exalted Blade is in use and is draining energy.

The player enters operator mode and Umbra is acting on his own just like it is right now

While Umbra is acting on his own (fighting with Primary, Secondary, Melee, and Abilities) the energy drain of Exalted Blade persists. Alternatively, Umbra can even fight with Exalted Blade while the energy cost of Exalted Blade is draining. 

The player re-enters Umbra and is immediately equipped with the Exalted Blade, therefore removing the need of having to recast Exalted Blade every time the player exits Umbra.


I feel like the need of recasting Exalted Blade is burdening the player with extra energy cost (since it costs energy to summon the blade) and it discourages the use of the operator and its abilities if the player wishes to use Exalted Blade for an extended duration.




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Please remove the automatic Transferrence from Umbra's passive. Being randomly ported back into the frame when it dies is horribly annoying and makes me not want to use it at all.

Just make him go inert, like kneel or something, don't force us to transfer back.


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1 hour ago, targetpractice23 said:

I feel like shot hit registration has been broken in the latest build. Firing 1-2m away both as host and as guest just fails to hit on some enemies. Found that melee was the only way to hit (Note, I was not inside any warframe effect eg Mag, limbo etc)

This, it seems that some enemies either only melee, abilities or operator mode is the only way to hit them. They can damage us, but we can't fire back at them. 

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I seem to be getting stuck in the loading screens (between liset and missions, going both ways) a lot more often this patch. This issue just about never happened to me before, but since the update I've had to alt-f4 out of the loading screen multiple times.

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TLDR: I don't like the new UI, have an option to go back until it's perfected.

First, I want to say thank you for the quest, I really enjoined it. Keep up the amazing work 😄

However, the new UI doesn't really make me happy. It's as if you made it sleeker but at the same time clunkier and harder to use. I think until the UI is smoothed out, there should be an option to revert all changed areas back to how they were before until the community is happy with it. I think I speak for many people: Function>Looks.

In the meantime, here's some of my ideas for the new UI:

  • Showing the names of things instead of just the icon without having to hover over it (this is a big one)
  • Having what a player has equipped in a mission show up without you having to hover over it (big one for fissures)
  • Making the levels of weapons show up without having to hover over them
  • Including the MR of a player over their glyph/icon in a mission
  • Making the sell pile be smaller (most of the time people check their inventory is to see what prime parts they have, not to sell stuff for credits.)

There's tons of stuff I could say, however I think I covered the bulk of it. I really enjoy Warframe, and if I can't play it because the UI is too clunky and I have to hover over everything, that'd be a real shame. I appreciate the constant updates, but please, I am begging you. Patch the new UI with an option to go back to the old one. "Legacy UI mode". I will be extremely happy if you do. 

Either way keep up the good work 😄

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