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Sacrifice mission not progressing beyond second umbra transferrence mission


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I am currently stuck in the second mission where player have to screw into crazy umbra. I void blast him and enter him, the cinamatic on bed happens. After the cinamatic my tanno and umbra just lye around the room, ordis constantly asking to go into transferrence again, but nothing happens. Plz someone help. 

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I can also confirm that it's a problem with Mallet. I had the same problem as did someone on the Reddit megathread.

For reference, here is a screenshot I took last night showing what happens after the transference cutscene . Umbra just stands in one spot doing his idle animations. Operator is invincible, using void blast followed by transference again does nothing.6QGargZ.jpg

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I had this bumped into this bug too. This is reproducible with Octavia's Mallet.

1. Place Mallet in front of Umbra

2. Try to escape from Umbra's attack, so it will attract to Mallet.

3. Knock Umbra out with Void blast when it is attacking Mallet.

4. Transference

5. Complete cutscene.

6. Return from cutscene, now Umbra is not moving and mission progress cannot continue.

This can happen in first Umbra transference mission with same steps.

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