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The Bringer of Tranquility and The Bringer of Conflict, a Tale of Blademasters.

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So I've been sitting on these guys for a good long while, artist that had been working to help put them in a visual means.  Well isn't their fault, rl will always win out.  So only have the prototypes image drafts of them which isn't exactly there yet so I won't post them.(It's kind of a unknown if the project will continue or not with that artist, but again I do not blame him.  More frustrated at myself for growing impatient.)  But anyways these frames are like a Further down the path of the sword than Excalibur is.


Warframe Tsurugi

Stats(These are base like rank 0)

Health: 80.0

Armor: 250

Shield: 200

Power: 200

Sprint Speed: 1.5


“Master of the Decisive Blade, the Bringer of Tranquility.”

(Tsurugi being a master of the Decisive Blade receives a 15% Attack Speed, 15% damage buff to Nikanas, Polearms, and Swords.  This includes it’s Revered Blade.)


-Power 1:”Grass Blades”:

Materializes Ethereal Razor Sharp blades that resemble Grass, launches it towards a target and bursts on impact causing splash damage both the initial attack and the splash does Slashing and Puncture divided equally Damage(150/300/450/600 initial, 50/100/150/200 splash.) with 60% Bleed and 20% Weakened  proc rate.


-Power 2: “Veil of Grace”:

15/20/25/30 secs

Generates a Veil of wind and grass, it deflects at 20%/35%/50%/65% of projectile damage, while the damage that is received is halved.  Deactivating prematurely causes the wind to disperse causing knockdown and 50/100/150/200 Slashing damage with 100% Bleed proc rate.


-Power 3: “Swift Cleave”:

Draws the Tsurugi’s stored blade (Separate from melee weapon) and readies itself in a Sheathed Sword stance, after a moment, he does a blindingly fast horizontal slanted slash dealing 600/800/1000/2000 Finisher Damage with 50% Bleed and 30% Weakened Proc Rate.


-Power 4: “Revered Blade/Blade of Kusanagi”:

Energy Cost: 50

Draws his blade in a Sheathed Sword style and uses it to attack (Think Exalted Blade and Hysteria, and holding the blade like Vergil from Devil May Cry), does 80/120/160/200 finisher damage with a 50% bleed and 10% Weakened proc rate.  Drains 3 energy with each attack no matter if it misses or hits, but can be kept out eternally, does not generate energy waves with every slash like Exalibur’s Exalted Blade.  Has a 50% damage reflection when blocking, and a 90% reflection while channeling, but drains 6 energy for every deflection.  Energy gained through energy pads are disabled, but Energy Syphon is not, EV, immune to energy leaches. 


-Physical Description (I tried but I have relatively no idea of how they are suppose to look Brain is not cooperating much on this.  ;w; it is a fuzzy image with rough edges in my mind.): Carries a posture of fluidity, slightly more muscular then Volt, tall and lean build, but some indication of muscle growth, legs are little longer than usual.  A sheathed blade is stored at his waist angled lower than a Nikana if equipped matches the two katana look.  The helmet generates an energy trail in the back, giving the appearance of a ponytail.  Has the look of a wandering samurai (No straw hat, would look a little silly).  A sense of calm yet fierce power lies in the helmet’s look.   Silverish-white color scheme with light blue energy color.  Tsurugi's name is based off of "Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi"




Warframe Kamakiri

Stats(These are Rank 0 stats)

Health: 200

Armor: 400

Shield: 80

Power: 150

Sprint Speed: 0.6


“Master of the Dancing Blades, the Bringer of War.”

(Kamakiri being a Master of the Dancing Blades receives a 20% increased damage to Dual Swords,  Heavy Blades, and Glaives.


-Power 1: “Blade Sickle”:

Kumakiri generates and tosses a glaive like moving blade that spins, dealing Slashing damage to enemies caught in its path, having innate punchthrough. It deals 50/75/100/200 Slashing Damage, with a 70% Bleed Proc chance.   It functions similarly to glaives in that it can bounce off surfaces.


-Power 2: “Bloodlust”:

Generates a state of bloodlust in Kamakiri, it decreases all damage received be 20%/30%/40%/50%, and is completely immune to Bleed Proc.  While in this state, all bleed procs allies and it generates and receives a Blood Frenzy stack, max 4/5/6/7 stacks, increases his melee attack speed by 5% for a total of 20%/25%/30%/35% attack speed for melee attacks.  Drains 5 energy a second.   Ally Procs: 12=1 stack, Self Procs: 8=1 Stack, Damage Taken Bleed Proc (instead it is absorbed).4=1 Stack.  Each Stack will degrade every 5 seconds in Bloodlust, and degrade every second out of Bloodlust.  ES, and energy gained from pads are disabled.


-Power 3: “Furious Crescent”:

Duration: 5/10/15/20 secs

 Generates a slow moving spinning blade that damages any enemies within it causing 70/140/180/240 slashing damage a half a second with 40% Bleed Proc Chance, a maximum of 4 circles can be spawned at one time by the user.


-Power 4: “Blade Dance/Blades of Liberation”

Forms a second pair of hands of energy as he draws the four blades stored on his back in a double cross pattern.  He then begins a preparation with his blades before starting a flurry of powerful and long reaching slashes before cleaving the blades outward.  Dealing 600/900/1200/1500/ finisher damage to all enemies within his field of vision and range times the number of Blood Frenzy Stacks, the stacks is then removed. 


-Physical Description (I tried but I have relatively no idea of how they are suppose to look.):  Kamakiri have a pretty sturdy and has more insect like aesthetic look to him.  Carries confidence in his power and form exudes a love of battle.  His blades are stored on his back in a double cross pattern.  When activating his 4 is activated a second set of energy like arms are formed to draw the second set of blades.   He is about similar size to Chroma(With elemental on) in both muscles and height.  Helmet carries two horns that look like armored antenna, carries a feel of power and fierceness.   Comes default with a Bronze-Emerald Scheme with burning red energy color.  He is slower than most frames on foot.  It takes loose inspiration from the Kamakiri Mantis, the six limbs is a representation of that only two pairs of arms instead of two pairs of legs.  I would be lying if I also had some inspiration from  FF14's Ravana, who I'm pretty sure also takes inspiration from the Kamakiri.  His abilities are more to the mentality cleaving all down all and letting their blood spill out, thus the blood lust is quenched momentarily.  A sort of thrill of the battle type of mentality.


I hope it is clear picture.  Let me know how this is.  And please be gentle, cause I was afraid to post this because I didn't have a truly perfect picture for them.  ;w;  Also is there a master post for artists willing to take requests around?  I think I do remember there being one but can't remember where.

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On 2018-07-02 at 10:31 AM, (PS4)Elixz8247 said:

It sounds great i always like see new frame concepts

Thank You.   I just wish I could get an image for both of them done, those that do will often do better than those without.

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