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Soleidon, The Stars' Soul [Warframe Idea]


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This is a warframe idea I came up with to be released/farmed from The Solar Arrays tileset idea I came up with a bit ago that you can find here. I also came up with a Corpus tileset idea for Neptune, if you would like to read that as well (this was when Raids were still a thing, but I think it still could be implemented as a quest).


Thank you for your time reading this. I'm not 100% sure about the values his abilities would have, but I like the concept so maybe someone will read this and become inspired. 


Soleidon ( or maybe Solarus) – The Stars' Soul


Soleidon's Appearance: TL;DR – Cosmic ghost/Orokin tree-esque appearance in an slatted obsidian armor shell.


Soleidon is the result of the gene-therapy that allowed the Evorokin feed off the pure energy collected by The Solar Arrays combined with the Warframe Strain fed to the soldiers (See: The Sacrifice). Body is thin-limbed, semi-ethereal like the Orokin plants seen in the Void/Lua. The whispy/intangibleness of his look comes from the plasma under containment between his thin, skeletal-like body and slatted obsidian armor. The edges of the obsidian panels are cracked, worn, and weathered from degradation due to the constant plasma leaking through the gaps.



Passive – Become Elementary: When Soleidon and others kill enemies affected by his abilities, he breaks down their bodies into the elementary particles that make up their being and causes them to become Plasmonics. When picked up via Collapse, Plasmonics will passively decrease Soleidon's armor, but will cause incoming attacks to increasingly have a chance to blind enemies. (The increasing Plasmonic charge is visually indicated by the Obsidian plates coming loose and floating off his skeletal frame.)

Affected by: Power Duration


1 – Solar Flare: Soleidon positions his hands in front of himself, his left higher and directly above his right, and generates a searing ribbon of plasma flowing from one hand to the other in a large, hairpin arc. Enemies caught directly in its path are dealt Radiation and afflicted by Ionize, while the area around the flare has a high chance of dealing Magnetic procs (but no damage). Can be held to channel the ability for a draining energy cost beyond the initial cast and you can freely aim it. (When ended or when the 1 button is tapped instead, the filament flicks outward like a solar flare does when it breaks free from the Sun.)

Affected by: Power Strength, Efficiency, Range


2 – Ionize: Soleidon lays down an ionizing force, coating enemies that pass over with the same force and slowing them by a marginal amount. (Think Oberon's Hallow Ground, but afflicts a more mildly damaging DoT instead of requiring their remaining within the field.)

Affected by: Power Strength, Efficiency, Range, Duration


3 – Collapse: Soleidon channels, drawing in all Plasmonic remnants of enemies, charging up his abilities. Nearby enemies afflicted with Ionize are knocked down and pulled towards Soleidon as well.

Affected by: Range, Efficiency, Duration


4 – Nebula: Soleidon coalesces the forces of stars' creation to affect the field of battle. Appearing like Celestial clouds, enemies that walk through are randomly heavily damaged, afflicted by radiation, picked up and ragdolled, or crushed into a new star. In addition to a moderate energy cost, Nebula drains up to 75% of Plasmonic charge to fuel the stars creation. Before the duration ends, Soleidon can contribute more Plasmonic charge and energy in order to refresh the duration by standing within the Nebula and holding 4. (To assist with sight issues, enemies on the other side of the Nebula from players are able to be clearly seen, almost as if there was no Nebula. Otherwise, the view is akin to the Void outside your orbiter screen, but more nebula-like. For reference, look at the Pillars of Creation or Carina Nebula.)

Affected by: Power Strength, Efficiency, Range, Duration


Edit: Added pictures for Pillars of Creation/Carina Nebula for reference.



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Really neat idea 🙂 Seeing plasma arcing out of a Warframe would be an epic display🙂

Alternatively, precursor ability ie. Magnetic Reconnection (magnetic), if Solar Flare is used in conjunction (heat), causes a huge CME (radiation).

Take it one step further, some kind of mechanic that mimics the 11yr solar minimum/maximum 🙂 (hopefully not in real time lol)

BTW your old Neptune Gas City post rox. Well detailed/described!



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Yeah, I originally had his 1 do fire/radiation damage, with a proc of magnetic around it, but I figured that might be a bit too much, so reduced it down. Maybe when his Plasmonic charges hits multiples of 11 (11, 22, 33, etc.) he gets a boost in strength.

I'm really glad you liked my ideas! Their DE's to implement if you so wish haha. (Especially the Solar Arrays. Wouldn't mind seeing some proto-Orokin tech and what-if the Orokin became sort-of-controllably Infested out of necessity.)

In regards to the Neptune post, I always felt that the syndicates shouldn't be so bloodthirsty, but unwilling to believe you're up to the task of assisting the Origin System, so they throw their dudes at you as a test.

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