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Umbra's cosmetic disadvantages to prime warframes

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On prime warframes we have the wonderful option to toggle the prime components of the warframe when using tennogen skins to revert the prime skin with tennogen applied to just the default tennogen skin. Surely, it can't be that hard for DE to implement this for Excalibur Umbra? It is rather disappointing that there is no way to toggle the, in my opinion, slightly awkward looking C shaped pieces of gold on his armor - and the scarf, but more on that in a moment. Additionally, when we look at frames such as Nekros and Valkyr, Nekros has a separate attachment category for his binds, and Valkyr has the same additional attachment slot for her chordalla. Why can we not have Umbra's scarf, and potentially loincloth/tabard thingy work like that too? I love fashion frame, and I despise the way that some syandanas clip through warframes for example, like the aforementioned scarf of Umbra. Please allow us to toggle the Umbra details of Excalibur Umbra and potentially give us the option to remove/add his scarf/tabard//cloth components separately.

Thank you for reading, and I hope we can get DE to consider this change soon.

Some additional notes - I do understand that it may be difficult for DE to allow the scarf to be a separate attachment for a number of issues. But the toggling the Umbra components as a whole(the gold bits, the syandana and so forth) should not be a problem as it is effectively just reverting Umbra to a default Excalibur with the Umbra helmet, and then applying the skin, no?

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