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Laggy games, choosing the best host, host migration, ping in UI


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In the last few days of playing, I have noticed that some games were almost unplayable because of the host connection: not enough upload bandwidth, very high ping, host CPU struggling with all the enemies, etc.

I know that this is hard to detect but still, some suggestions to avoid these games :

- indicate which player is the host in pre-lobby along with his ping

- indicate in-game the ping of everyone or at least the host

- matchmaking should do some ping check before choosing any already running game

- pre-lobby could choose the best host based on overall players ping, available bandwidth, CPU clock, etc.

Now some more advanced stuff : Warframe seems to have a advanced host migration system (in the event that the host player leaves the game). We could take advantage of that to provide the best game to the players by allowing changing host mid-game (voting?). It could be tricky to do it but an easiest solution would be to allow changing host in lobby between games.

What do you think? (players and devs)

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