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Insane Drop System


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Developers, please fix the drop system.


i have been doing some defence missions with my clan-mates. after a bit, gameplay is a mess: mobs drop too many items, and these ones just stand on the ground (blue-hued spheres, ammos and components).


components(materials) can easly be taken, but ammos? it's not normal that 1 ammo still stand after 70-80 waves (really) = LATENCY for ANY CLIENT, not just for the host.




there my comptuer spec : 8gb of RAM, i7 (3GHz), GTX680, W7 64bit (Genuine) - AllPointsBulleting (APB, made by EA) was/is well known to exploit RAM resources. i didn't ever crash playing to APB, but WARFRAME. so, is this a joke?


congratulations to have fixed Mod issue, but personally speaking i cannot say the say the same about drop-system in general. in my opinion, drop system is too much high and it's obvious.


we have got EnergySiphon and other mods to convert useless ammos.

so far, could you put some cooldowns/timers on items? let them disappear after 60 minutes, maybe!







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I know that was just a random number, but 60 minutes is way too much XD I'll make it maybe 10 minutes max for ammo to disappear. I mean, even affinitty and health from crates disappear in minutes. Why can't ammo, which usually you don't need all this time to pick them up?

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Don't go past wave 15 because it does not make the rewards better or any other sense. Problem solved ^^


Not to get off topic, but that's a completely different problem then needs to be addressed...defense missions should have some reward for getting to ridiculous waves...but yeah, drop despawning is a good thing if it allows people to play without lag.  After ten minutes you probably missed the mod completely and wouldn't get it anyway.

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Never heard someone ask for less drops before.


Gonna scratch this off my bucket list.


excuse me, what are you speaking about? i didn't ever ask for less drop..

my question/point is TOTALLY different, read my post again paying more attention please.


my complain is about drops' life/duration! in any game items disappear after a bit.

on the contrary, all this doesn't seem to be worth in WARFRAME and this problem causes latency 1on2 times!


be realistic, please: is all that normal in your opinion?

having a floor FULL of stuff you cannot use is good? com'on..


[...] but yeah, drop despawning is a good thing if it allows people to play without lag. [...]

that's, thanks for your understanding!
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Don't go past wave 15 because it does not make the rewards better or any other sense. Problem solved ^^


excuse me, the game is there to be played.


i don't play for the rewards (i play from March 2013, i got everything almost).. i play for fun.

that said: if you got limits with NO REASON, you would have to change game, honestly.

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I agree, the system lags out after a while.


200+ items on the floor at 50-100+ polys each is just asking for FPS reduction, not to mention, and all those vector3's for locations, all those int's for item type.

All of which seem to be updated over the network for all players.

Makes me cringe just thinking about it.


A simple 10 minute timer would fix it for now. Dedicated servers wouldnt go a miss.


Regardless, your wasting your time. 

You'll need to spend $100 to get access to the design council, then, hope most agree with you. Only then will DE actually give a f*** ;)

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Hello all, I'm a member of the dojo in question, so much lag. I suggest for an example (only for defense mode) a little countdown, after that, ALL of the drops (ammo, sphere and MODS) being cancelled. Then, for the "is useless after 15 waves", lol maybe you cant go after aahahaha! JKNG. I really like this game, for play with friends :3 but... Damn these little problem maybe make the game not for all... Like the host problem, too much lag for drops, and sorry for my english, i dont use translate and ect. so... maybe give better rewards after 30-40 waves... thnx 4 watching.

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I've the same problems of the down-speed in this game for that continuity ammo drops!

PS: that is my computer :

Intel Core i7-4770 (8MB Cache, up to 3.9 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology)

Windows 8 64bit, Italian
Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600 MHz 8 GB1
1TB (64MB Cache) 7200 RPM SATA 3Gb / s
NVIDIA ® GeForce ® GTX 660 with 1.5 GB of GDDR5 memory
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Doesn't matter what hardware you are rocking. It can be I3 or higher, the culprit is the way this game works and needs further optimization. I wonder how they intend to work that on a PS4 launch.


indeed i have some ideas about this kind of stuff.


they already allowed "unversal" drops about Mods.

so, why they don't allow a players to grab the stuff for each other in the team?


ie: mob drops a mod, i grab it for you too.

ie: ammos, idem - if nobody need ammos, ammos themselves will disappear instantly when you grab them.


it could be a solution as it could just be a calculation issue. before Update 8, if i remember correctly, mobs didn't drop loads of stuff (blue-hued spheres were rare and so on) . nowadays drop-rating is too high; items' duration is, definitely.



in my opinion. many other things changed.. ie: Phobos = mono map. look at Grineer/Corpus/Infested maps, they are totally different. oldest maps have got more technique around their concept, modelling and building. in my opinion, Phobos could be easly recycled as StarWars racing-map for your podracer.




i'm not trolling anyone, i just say that my feelings are being strange about this game, it looks like someone else is directing/developing the game lately.  maybe it just is a suggestion of mines, and i can be wrong - don't blame me, please.



about PS4 : agreed but not my problem because i only use my computer. WARFRAME was/is currently developed for computers. if they won't start (hope they will) to test the game on PS, maybe they risk to offer an unstable game/product. we will see, we cannot know.


hope developers will fix stability issues as soon as possible.

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