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[Concept Art / Illustration] Space Pirates! (Inspired By Vard)


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Well, there is a very popular thread here on the fan concepts forum about the idea of SPACE PIRATES. People seem to really like that idea, and I do too. I have some concept art Below.


Original Idea: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/15939-suggestion-new-faction-space-pirates/


These guys are a rough group of vengeful and violent colonists attacking ships in large numbers to take whatever supplies they can. They use the parts of grineer and corpus technology to create armor and weaponry of their own. They wear a mix of their colonization uniforms and scavenged grineer and corpus armor along with plenty of supply pouches for their long conquests. More info from the original thread.


Pirates! Concepts for Units (more coming soon):








I'm going to post more soon, so if you want, please follow this thread to see the upcoming pictures. (Weapons, Alternate looks, technology, etc.) 


-Note: Original idea by Vard

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