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Jet Pack Sents?


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loki is better then nova nomatter how you cut it, decoy is easy to aim wormhole is quite unpredictable when it comes to range especialy in the parkour test

Don't start the argument.


1.15 is Nova.

1.2 is Loki.


If a nova took even the slightest turn quicker, she would be ahead.

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Decoy+Switch Teleport= 50 Energy, better range, better accuracy in terms of knowing exactly where u will land.


Wormhole= 75 Energy, less range in distance, but whole squad can also use it.


I like wormhole better, but this is a conversation about jet packs. Always...YES!!

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I would like to see more sentinel abilities then just "sentinel special", "Sentinel basic attack", "regen" and "guardian". Abilities that do stuff like "Removes crowd control effects from the sentinel's master (like fire, freeze, poison etc.)" or "sentinel will attack nearby canisters and automatically open lockers from afar" or even stuff like "sentinel will spray a chemical over enemies, lowering their armor) and "sentinel will release a powerful neural toxin spray, lowering enemies respective level" etc.


this would give you a lot more build options on what you use your sentinel for, defense, support, or additional damage, etc. you also couldn't do a lot of them at the same time, so sentinel builds would feel more unique.


I don't know how you would implement a jet pack though, that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. maybe you could have a melee weapon who's charge attack allows you to travel vertically if you do a charge attack in the air, effectively giving frames a lesser super jump that are vertically challenged otherwise. You could also have "Frame abilities" that are usable by any frame, like a lesser version of super jump that any frame can use, etc, for a cheap slot cost.


on a side not, I wish Super Jump would trigger knockdown on the jump. it'd make it useful as a Crowd Control for Excalibur when he's surrounded in melee, great for quick interrupts on Grineer Napalm and Fusion MOAs. I wouldn't ask for this on a "any frame can jump" move, but Excalibur's super jump should be a little bit more versatile and not exclusively for short cutting in a vertical level.


anyway, Sentinels don't need a jet pack feature, we should instead get other forms of mobility from weapons and skills that we can use freely.

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