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New Weapon: Pandora


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Version 1:

This will be a fun weapon to use. This weapon doesn't have a charge attack but by charging, it cycles the type of melee weapon your are using. There are different types of pandora weapons


Pandora Alpha: Cycles between Sword->Dual Sword->Broad Sword->Sword (Blade)

Pandora Beta: Cycles between Dagger->Dual Daggers-> Spear->Dagger (Serrated Blade)

Pandora Delta: Cycles between Spiked Gauntlets->Shield&Mace->Giant Hammer->Gauntlets (Blunt)


The damage type will remain constant. Each type will have its own down attack, leap attack, and spin.


Version 2:

Dual sword: Charging changes the damage type between Blade, Fire, Ice, Electricity, Physics Impact and Poison


Version 1 is a rehash of other weapons but will be a get one for many kind of weapon for players who just want to try everything . The Version 2 Can be strategic weapon depending on the enemies are you facing and would be useful on any map especially Tower raids


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I like it, but I think it's a mistake to split it up. All of those should be one weapon and it should be random order, not a cycle. A bunch of stuff organized nice and neat doesn't really appeal to me. If it's not unpredictable and diverse it'll just become a chore with the player trying to use a specific weapon in the cycle for specific enemies. I can see how you might like that on paper, but I don't think it'll be as fun as adapting to chaos once the novelty of it wears off.


Random elements are fine as long as they only change the BASE damage and don't make the base damage higher or lower, just a different type so if for example the player puts a bunch of corpus and electric mods on it they'll still always get their electric and it'll always be based on the same number and anything else is gravy.

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