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Random Events & Chaos


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Instead of Lotus going on a objective ADD spree I thought why not add insane situations that will randomly occur depending on the faction you fight. Hear me out here-

Imagine fighting the corpus in an enclosed area and after a while the tile set ends you up outside, then all of a sudden a gunship comes out of nowhere.

Or your halfway through a mission and Lotus forgot to tell you that the ship you boarded is headed toward a Black Hole and then a timer starts to count down.

Or the mission is going well, you've killed alot of alot of Grineer then all of a sudden Freakin pirates are attacking the vessel, and their levels are slightly higher and are just here to ruin the day. Possibly to reck the ship after their done or to steal the objective your after.

OR a bootleg version of golem is roaming around on a ship and u have the option to fight it or just say- forget that.

Of corse if implicated right it'l stay lore friendly and all that but really what if Captian Vor was just walking out of a door and didnt notice you all stepped in?

Sheesh when your in space the sky is the limit, for all we know a odd idea could be Lotus sending you in a hevily fortified area for a pizza.

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Or add two stalkers!


Objective ADD is annoying enough, and stalker adds just the right amount of random. I would prefer it if they worked on stealth for the moment, as that is the biggest issue with the game's mechanics that needs to be overhauled. (Imo, of course)

B-but what about the ppl whve played 500+ hours and Q Q about the game being boring?

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