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Hagria, The Witch of the Void [Warframe Idea]


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I was discussing how the frame specific animations of certain animation sets (Harrow Noble with his Thurible swing animation for example) would probably be best if they were disabled on other frames, but it looked like they were stirring a cauldron. And thus, Hagria became an idea! I hope you enjoy this frame, though not too sure about her 4 ability. Thank you for your interest and time hopefully enjoying the idea of becoming a witch! If you enjoy this, you may also enjoy my other ideas: The Solar Arrays and the accompanying warframe Soleidon, and the Corpus Tileset for Neptune, Neptunia City.


Hagria, the Witch of the Void


Hagria has the quintessential appearance of a witch. A long hooked nose and equally long chin, but each point connected via a length of nanocytic tissue that makes up Warframe bodies with a hole between it and a hint of a wide smile patterned directly into the "face"'s tissue. A wide, almost too wide, brimmed growth sheltering Hagria's face in shadow, evokes the look of a witch's hat. Patterns streaming down her back from under the brim reminds the observer of greasy, black locks. Her legs are surrounding by tattered nanocytic tissues of a dress gone wrong.


Her idle agile animation set has her setting side-saddle upon an ethereal Orokin “broom”. Her idle agile noble animation set has her standing straight up, feet one in front of the other with the back heel of her foot lifted off the ground. Her arms are held out at an angle, hands spread with her palms facing forward, all while a mysterious breeze blowing front to back gently tosses any fabrics that hang from her. Her head is extended up to its neck's limit, head tilted slightly down as she stares forward menacingly, a bit like Harrow Noble's head. Rarely, energy of her chosen energy color will swirl and the wind will pick up.

Her alternate helmet would be of her without her hat on, her unkempt hair flying free, standing away from her head of its own will.


Built from: Tongue of Dog Tongue of Kubrow, Howlet's Wing Condroc Wing, Eye of Newt Eye of Skate, among other more trivial items.



Passive – Toxia and Pyria: Hagria requires an exilus adapter in place of Orokin cells when building her overall blueprint. To compensate for this, Hagria's exilus slot is automatically opened. She also comes with two special Exilus mods that affect how her abilities work. “Evoke Toxia” adds poison damage to primary weapons and improves poison damage over time. “Evoke Pyria” adds fire damage to primary weapons and improves fire damage over time. Specific effects for abilities will be noted below. If a Hagria chooses to not equip one of the augments, the abilities will do a very basic, limited version of each ability. The idea is that they won't be useless without the augment, but it's heavily favored to have one equipped.


1 – Cackle: Hagria lets out a great shriek of laughter, hexing enemies in front of her. Enemies who take damage during this effect will build up charge that is release when they are killed.

Evoke Toxia: Enemies will explode and leave gas clouds that do damage based on damage taken.

Evoke Pyria: Enemies will explode for blast damage and knock down nearby enemies if a threshold of damage is met.


2 – Besom: Hagria becomes ethereal, sweeping forward on her trusty Orokin broom. Hold to mount her broom and move swiftly at a moderate height above the ground for a lower draining energy cost. Mounting her broom will not apply her exilus mods. (Possible animation for tapping the ability, where she just shoots forward, would be her doing a quick swipe to her side to conjure her broom and when her hand gets to the end, she grabs it and is dragged forward behind the broom.)

Evoke Toxia: Hagria leaves behind a toxic line that guarantees a Toxin proc on enemies that pass through.

Evoke Pyria: Hagria blazes forth, doing more damage for more enemies hit during her path. Enemies hit early on in her Besom will be inflicted with this increased damage.


3 – Cauldron: Hagria works her magic, coalescing a large cauldron before her. While channeling, Hagria will throw in all manner of disturbing ingredients while Cackling in a small area around her.

Evoke Toxia: Hagria's ingredients will leave a seeping miasma, poisoning nearby enemies.

Evoke Pyria: Hagria uses her mystical knowledge to attract attention to her cauldron. Upon taking enough damage, the cauldron will violent erupt, dousing nearby enemies in radiation. -OR- Can give nearby allies additional fire/base physical damage.


4 – Midnight's Calm: Hagria prefers to work in the dark of night, bathing a large area around her in disturbing tranquility. Enemies have reduced sight of warframes and pets and hearing weapons fire, but upon hearing their nearby allies dying, will sometimes flee in fear. Cauldrons within this area will have increased effect.

Evoke Toxia: Enemies fleeing will be stunned, incapacitated with overwhelming nausea and will violently expel gas clouds.

Evoke Pyria: Enemies fleeing will run, panicking. Enemies that come in contact/small distance of the fleeing enemy will catch fire, also panicking.

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I suppose you could. It's the hat, right? It would be great if she wore I think it's the Limbo Noble set? The one where he takes off his hat? If she'd take her hat off as well. Nice little easter egg.

I also added an aternate helm option and a short explanation of not using an augment at the end of the passive section.

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