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Fifty Shades Of Red


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... and not one matches the Stalker or Vandal energy colors.


I bought the Saturated color pack to use the bright red as my energy color on my weapons and frames, but now that I've come into Snipetron Vandal, Dread and Hate, I've noticed that even the saturated red looks a bit pink compared to, say, the "locked" light on lockers (which is more like a fiery red leaning red-orange). Same with the classic red and the flag palettes being sold last month- the saturated red is just the closest. The Fire and Storm color packs are too orange and none of the other packs even have a red. The shade simply doesn't exist.


Anybody else think the saturated bright red could use a little push in the right direction?

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Ya, Saturated Red is too pinkish. I was trying to match the colors of the Dread on my Ash and was having some trouble finding the right shades of grey to match the main color of the Dread, the closest match is the dark grey 3 shades above the pure black in the Smoke Pallet. 


After figuring out the grey, I wanted to change the energy color of the Dread to the Saturated Red only to find it's rather pinkish, so I use the 3rd Sat Red and it actually comes out slightly more red than the Dread's default energy. So I stopped using the last column of Sat Red and went back 2 shades to the center one, that one is a good shade of red and not so much pink.


But if they're any colors in the Saturated Pallet that is more disappointing, it's the Blue colors, barely noticable changes between Sat Blue and Classic Blue, but then you goto the Infested Pallet and surprise you see what Sat Blue should've been like.

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