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Anybody Else Think We Need More Evasion Mobility Skills?


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I looked over the current Warframes and I don't really see much that's a mobility skill for evasion purposes. So far it's kill skills, "you can't see me" skills, or utility skills. I think the only mobility skill for the sake of evasion is Super Jump, if that.

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Well people have been suggesting that they remake Dodge roll and block.


This. The devs can't really do a twitch dodge frame until they finish hashing out what the actual dodge roll and block do.




Though I guess that doesn't mean we can't brainstorm though...


I like the idea of a 'go behind' move like Ash's teleport, but it would always put you behind the enemy and stun the enemy. That way you could dodge bombard shells or ancient fish slaps and not immediately get knocked down.

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