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Ui Leads To Game Crashes.


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I do not know if this is a known bug but its horrible. I also don't know if it is Client Only.




After selecting any of the following menus you are removed from parties and cause host migration/removal/or out right crashing from the game: Options [in match and in the "Sol System"], Arsenal [Confirmed and tested], ect.


Visual Description:


After going to a menu and then performing any actions then "backing out" of said menu there is a 5 to 10 second pause [ complete visual freeze] this also happens while in a game session and then a D/C WILL FOLLOW.


Steps taken to try and fix this issue:


De-fragged, verified, and then completely re-installed WARFRAME; problem still resistant.


The described bug is not a Hardware issue, im Running a MSI G-2 Gaming Series MoBo, i7 Quad core intel OC'ed, and a Nvidia 650 Ti Boost EVGA GPU, and my internect connection speed is 25 MBS U/D. Using Win7 Ult.

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