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Necro Frame Skills


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Someone had a really bad idea over in general, but it got me to thinking, I could suggest some skills too. Things I'd like to see:


Necro Field: All of the dead bodies within a certain radius will stick around while this is up.(possibly a generic warframe mod).


Wear Skin: Become a holographic(for our sanity's sake) version of the nearest enemy corpse, inheriting their rules about detection and team assignment(if it's grineer, everything treats you like grineer). Gain some armor bonus as well from wearing them. Perhaps have it allow some perk like hack-free console interface, to keep it from being "just another invisibility". Or it could be "just another invisibility" with it's own theme. Either way works. Probaly skill 1.


Pastiche Armor: Pull all nearby corpses to the necro, covering him with body parts, granting an armor boost similar to rhino's ironskin--increases aggro to him, but has a duration(that stuff still decays). Probably skill 2.


Body Blaster: Projectile fire nearby corpses(and Pastiche armor, if worn) in the direction the necro is aiming, inflicting damage for each chunk. This is should be skill 3 or the ult.


Death Rush: For duration(very short, like 5 seconds on max mod), gain a speed boost and damage boost if any enemy is killed. When an enemy is killed, Death Rush automatically re-applies, for free. Each application stacks, so multiple kills will mean increasing speed and increasing damage for the Necro. However, each application also wears off in the same short duration as the original, so the stacking fades out swiftly. This should be skill 3 or the ult.


I think Body Blaster would be a better ult(less conditional, higher range, fancier graphic) than Death Rush.



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wow im actual impressd, this is the second necro suggestion thread where i didnt have to facepalm for every sentence i rode


but that corpses dont disapear could be a huge problem for many player and there gaming device also just image


in a normal xini wave are circa 40~70 enemys and 50~60% per wave wouldt disapear


HUGE issue imo


but i like the first skill, imitate the enemys i would move it to 2 or 3


im a bit against the armore type, may just redesign it like erode the enemy and make a "flesh buuble shield" lol O.o


body bluster is in theorie a good skill but in practice no corpses no dmg, same for the shield no corpses no shield

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I just hope this Necro frame is more "sciene" oriented than magic bs. Skill might be similar but how they pitch it has to be somewhat believable.

No "raise dead" and a horde of zombie-goons. Perhaps he could send out a swarm of nanobots to control a dead body, but no weaving signs :P


Just a few skills, not necessarily thought on for very long.


Spasm: EDITED! (to keep it from being to much like mind control/chaos)
With the vast knowledge of his enemies anatomy Necro sends a pulse of energy that damages the nervous system of his target and those that are close to it.

The damaged nerves causes the target(s) to clench its weapon stumbling around gunz blazing. (Allies and enemies can be hit!)

Enemies will see the target as crazy and considder it a threat and engage it.


Use: Distraction skill - target an enemy to pull massive aggro from nearby enemies. The skill is "silent" and enemies engaging the target will be preoccupied with fighting it not noticing if you pick off their friends (with a silent weapon). A high lvl Spasm may even lock down and kill a group of enemies.


Lvl up: Increases the AoE field of Spasm and slightly raises crit chance (targets fire).

(Infested will go berzerk swinging in all directions but remaining rather stationary)


*note: to keep it from being OP as f--k the damage output of the spasm:ed targets would be that of 1 clip of their weapon. They would prooooobably not reload in that state :D After when the clip is finished they stumble around for a while and then returns to normal.



Necro sends out a micro-drone to gather the DNA and of an enemy and placing a neural link-device. When (if?) the drone returns Necro cloaks himself and taps into the mind of target letting him control it for a set amount of time. When the time runs out severe, irreverible damage (armor ignoring) is done.

If the target dies before the time is up a small "backlash" is suffered by Necro (maybe not damage but blinded or ringing ears? flash-bang style, backlash cancels the cloaking)

*damage cannot be healed!


Lvl up: Increases the time Necro can control a target and increases the damage upon leaving (Pressing "X" while using Voodoo will cancel the process, but you will suffer a backlash).

* Targetting a Boss will do damage but will automaticly cause backlash to occur.

Skill does NOT raise aggro. (i.e: if you're fighting a boss and use the skill he/she/it will not automaticly engage you. You can however be engaged on the same basis as the others).

** Taking control means: you will play as the target.


Mass Decay:

Necro sends out swarms of nano droids targetting the enemies around him (follows Necro around like an aura). When hit enemies suffef DoT as the nano drois works on deconstructing their bodies. Enemies are slowed and take bonus damage.


Lvl up: Increased DoT and damage bonus.


Blood Magnetism:

Necro sends out a massive wave of nano droids targeting all enemies in a wide area around him. The nano droids starts collecting "building materials" out of the targets boddies and returning to their master and his allies. Firing on targeted enemies will do increased damage aswell as an additional minor health boost when the nano droids "gain access" to new areas.

Think of Novas ulti but a weak DoT providing regen and bonus dam.

*Allies currently being in a downed state will have their countdown timer frozen (or lenghtened) as long as the regen is active.


Lvl up: increases the amount of HP returned per "tick" and increases range. Also increases max duration of how long the nano droids will be operational.


How it works:

When Necro sends out the nano spores enemies all around him are covered, much like novas "primed". Allies can only get health from 1 enemy at a time (Necro can be regenerated by 2 at the same time). Being to far away from a covered enemy will cancel the regeneration - this range is what is increased by leveling the skill (and stretch mod). As the skill wont do much damage on its own it provides a damage buff, this is for being viable on later stages. The damage done to enemies will also boost the regen slightly (like well of life but not as powerfull). In that a lot of enemies may be covered by the nano droids the regen will be around long enough to do any good at higher lvls.

1: Just by being close to a single covered enemy you will recieve regeneration

2: By engaging enemies you will recieve more hp (leech)

3: Damage bonus (10-15%?)

4: Minor slow (10-15%?)

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I really like that Spasm skill , but maybe its too similar to Nyxs skill ...

Hmm, yeah it might be a bit like Mindcontrol. Perhaps more than 1 target? (1-3 targets? targets in a line, AoE?)


It might be best as a "aimed" skill with an AoE around the target. As the enemies you've hit won't actively seek out and engage others but rather stumble around guns blazing this could be awesome :)


Coming into a room a group of enemies stands close to each other -*Spasm*- they all start shooting like maniacs all over the place, letting you pick them off.

Lvl up would increase AoE field.


Also - just pictured a scortcher setting an entire crew a flame :)

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"Spasm" sounds like "chaos". Almost exactly like chaos.


It doesn't really fit the theme of "death", though. In fact, none of these really do.


As for the guy going "oh, this sounds similar to something else", most frames have some skill overlap, with only nuanced differences(Nova, for example, is basically 2 ember skills(world on fire and fireball), loki's switch+teleport combo(for the same price!), and saryn's ult.)


There's potential for something "radically different", but there's a lot of "this is cool" that works like something else--there is a lot of variety already available that covers vast amounts of ground.


Like, that guy with spasm. His suggestions are: nyx's chaos, an unrealistically complex twist on nyx's mind control, variation of ember's World on Fire, and saryn's ult(with a touch of trinity's well-of-life).


I'd be absolutely amazed to hear something that isn't similar to something else already in the game.

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There are a lot of things that would be more "death", but a necromancer is also someone lurking in a tomb learning about the secrets of the body in his/her search for control of the power of life.


We could have have things like ranged revive-

Life switch: Targets one enemy and then a second and changes the hp of the two. (hard to imagine the technology for this)


Totem (of life/death): put down a "totem" that drains life of enemies and replenishes the life of allies in its range. (nano droids gather stuff as before, those trusty droids never fails! :D)


Sudden death: all enemies in an area are reduced to 1 hp or 5% of their life...but so are you - after 5 seconds the health taken from enemies is regenerated by the team. Sudden death will cancel all invisibility for the player casting it (if using shade or any other thing)

This skill has a count down and the sound of a clock ticking before "deploying". (Player/team must find cover)

(Agressive none lethal radial charge - followed by nano droids gathering restorative material)


Doom: A target will "suffer dot untill they die", this is however NOT done direct but as a background timer meaning:

An enemy targeted by Doom will inevitly die. When cast the remaining life at the time generates a timer. The target will still have its life as is unless taking other damage. However, when the timer runs out all the "dot" will be applied at once and the target will die.

(micro drone making its way through the body to the brain?)



And yes, things are similar. there is only so much we can do I guess.

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"control of the power of life"? "Necromancer" Means "One who uses the magic of death". I don't know where you got the whole "lurking and learning" thing. Most "mancers" in any historical context used their particular "mancy" to try and foretell the future. The "power of life" would be "biomancy".

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I said life not as "life = healing", but because life and death are tied together, undead = not dead. And yes of course they deal with the dead. Divination of the dead.

The lurking was because of that necromancy was (is) considdered "blackmagic" and forbidden, you could not practice this in the open. But you would have to learn somewhere, and where are the most dead bodies? In graves/tombs. Those in it's turn would be close to temples/churches/cloisters. And at those same locations knowledge of many things are often studdied by scolars/monks.


This might be simple and somewhat "gamey", but I can't imagine you're not familiar with that type of "sterotype" of a necromancer.

But again, I'm not here to criticize your ideas. I just want a "non magic" warframe with a good theme.


If you want to tell the future with the help of ghosts that might be hard to implement.

1: Necros warframe is a marvel of biomechanical engineering. Covering its surface is myriards of enhanced neural sensors. Supplying these sensors with large quantities of energy hightens Necros senses, The energy encasing his frame give him a ghostly visage while providing 90% evasion of incomming damage (50% of melee?)

Almost like "seeing what is to come".


2: Using a variant of teleportation technology (what ever that is) Necro drasticly decreases his density becoming a ghostlike shade. While in this state Necro does minimal damage but can pass through enemies, allies and some objects. Damage taken is also reduced by 95%.

Ghosts are dead :)


My though with Spasm was that after researching the dead - corspes - he would have anatomical knowledge. With this knowledge he could attack parts of the body causing a powerfull effect with little effort.

It would be like a fast Chaos in one aspect, but aslo like a "grenade". Cast it and watch the enemy start firing all around ("exploding"). Losing control over its body the target would then be unable to tell his allies what happened and they may continiue to fire on the target for a short while.

Chaos is a massive AoE all around you which last a rather long time with continous damage all around. This would be small, require aiming, and be more "temporary". But yes, similar.

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Dude. Just...


"Bio" means "life", not "healing". "Biology" is "the study of life". "Bio-mechanical" is part living organism, part machine. Crazy, huh?


"Actual" necromancers are more ouji boards and seances. Ouji boards have nothing at all to do with lurking anywhere.


Going off about how undead are and aren't is silly, and citing other games when DE specifically said they don't want to go there is also silly.


More over: The name is "necro", not "necromancer".


Check out the "necro" army from Chronicles of Rid$&*^. Note the lack of d&d-wannabe necromancers or lurking.


And you're not here to criticize my ideas, you're here to try and hijack the thread to claim you want "non-magical necro frame" and then proceed to give lots of magical power ideas, with some vague notion of this being saryn 2.0.

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Going off about how undead are and aren't is silly, and citing other games when DE specifically said they don't want to go there is also silly.


More over: The name is "necro", not "necromancer".


3. Necro frame is next!


We revealed that the next Warframe to join the Aresenal will be a Necromancy themed frame. Tons of great threads have already spawned with creativity.  Exciting! 


So much for that loophole.

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I like the idea of being immaterial and ghost-like this could be explained scientifically as shifting it's molecules to synch up allowing them to phase, the only other thing could be a close range (think one on one melee) where Necro can phase their hand into a foe causing massive damage, a silly one I had an idea of was what if their max skill allows them to phase into another player or enemy ( if a player that player retains control but gains a deathly black aura and increased dam but the Necro ends up watching from spectator cam) if a foe then you gain control of that for with weakened attacks but you take half dam and when killed you emerge from the foe.

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