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Fun Times With The Tenno


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I'm making this Off Topic thread for the sole purpose of letting the community tell their amazing, hilarious, amusing, or downright strange stories that the players of Warframe have gathered in their space endeavors. 


(Please keep you content clean and follow the rules like always)


Anyway, here is my story :

(This was Update 8)


I decided one day that I would get the last Rubedo I needed to finish off Nyx, one of the last frame I needed to build. I was annoyed that day from breaking my shoes at work that day and I wasn't in the mood for random groups. Deciding to solo, I grab my trusty Frost Prime frame and head to Valefor, Europa. 5 waves in, I was feeling great and risked going to wave 10. Wave 8 rolls around and I sigh upon seeing a familiar face:

"Pladim there is no place to hide" Great.... I hunker down, bracing for the Stalker's arrival. After 3 minutes of tiring fighting, I won and acquired the Despair, the last piece of the set I needed. I sit back, thinking the worse is over, when I notice a lone Charger tearing at the cryopod. As I aim to fire....




Now it's your turn. What do you have that is worth sharing?


I await your stories Tenno.

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