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A (Probably) Awful Fanfiction: Firstborn (No Its Not R34, Sorry Lotus!)


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I'm sorry if this is actually bad.  But hey, its 1:49 AM, and I cant sleep,  Had to write something and might as well post it.  SO here goes: A Warframe Fanfiction:  Firstborn.  The first Chapter in a series that I'm sure that all of you dread me posting.  Because Really amateur fanficion, $#*(@.  Spoiler tagged for your convenience.

Return of the firstborn


The Lotus pondered what was in front of her. This Orokin datamass contained perhaps the most important location they had yet discovered. Or at least... it looked like it. With her electronic eyes she gazed upon it. One of the biggest wormholes they had discovered. THE BIGGEST... At the other end...


With something akin to a smirk, the Lotus split herself into many. Each one a shadow of herself, each one reperesenting a part of her personality. Each one bickered amongst themselves, dividing further. Like a cacophonous conference chamber, her mind vibrated with a million thoughts. She had to seek consensus.


"This cannot be different from any other Tower... Send in one-"

"One squad will not be enough! This is thousands of times the size of a regular wormhole! The Tower must be just as big..."

"Send in scouts-"

"To their death! The Tenno are not Grineer-"

"Its the Grineer!" Her satire process smirked

"SHUT UP!" The entirety of her mind rumbled.


She reconstituted, all personalities and emotions, logic cores and thoughts flooded into one another. From within the collective chaos, her mind reached a conclusion.. Something deep within her mind recognized the wormhole – the part that only sparked to life rarely. The core fluttered out of commision. She knew what to do.


"Send in all we've got." She commanded to the Warlords "All of your flock. Every Tenno within our ranks must participate."


She did something akin to biting her lip. "I will safeguard our strongholds with chaos."


And so the Lotus' petals did flow in the air.

With that, she released several agents within the Corpus and Grineer. She unleashed chaos upon all that she saw. The Corpus and Grineer fought amongst themselves, the infested feasted upon their anguish. Luckily she had buffer zones of both former parties between the latter around key locations.

This operation will cost much, but she knew it would be worth it. For the echo of her self within the restricted core said so. For that to awaken, there must be a reason. It was all she could come to in conclusion.

The Tenno obediently obeyed her, like loyal children. They were loyal children. She felt a surge of anxiety for every one, high and low. She knew that this would not be easy.


The sloop fighters swarmed into the wormhole like bees. The Tenno inside were as always vigilant and alert, carefully choosing when and where to teleport. The sloops emerged at the other end of the wormhole, quickly teleporting the Tenno en masse into the Tower.
And combat bloomed upon the Tower. Tenno gracefully slashed, shot, electrocuted, and disintegrated any and all opposition. The converted Corpus were cut down, the further controlled Grineer were impaled with spikes, and the infested were torn to ribbons and burnt to cinder. The Orokin constructs were utterly destroyed, the Tenno doing all they were capable of doing.


Then she saw it. Through the scans being executed by the drones and the ever expanding maps of the interior, she saw it. This was the Heart. The fabled Orokin home base, place of last resort. This was the center of the Nexus. She saw the shape... It was a flower. A.. Lotus. A beautiful pearlescent Lotus rithe with opulent decorations and intricate patterns. Patterns that call echoes within her mind.

The Lotus felt a migrane coming on just looking at the patterns of the rooms, their shapes and lines awakening memories long dormant. Her damaged core fluttered in her head, and bringing such great pain that the Lotus shut down. Her mind, overwhelmed by the patterns, old memories, and awakened cores that she passed out – crashed.


12 hours later, she awoke. The Tenno were still in loose coordination, and about 1/3 had been put out of commision. The Lotus immediately checked upon her cores and found that the old one was functioning minimally. A damn shame that it wasn't enough to have a meaningful recollection – but at least it meant that she was immune to the... memetic shape of the place.


"Calling all Tenno. Memetic disturbance detected. I had to shut down to avoid damage. Sending instructions."


Immediately she started scanning the Nexus once more, and found several areas that could be established as footholds. She found several sealed off corridors as well. She instructed the Tenno to build a foothold and prepare for a long term operation.


Surpirisingly, there were no new nasties waiting within the corridors, just a lot of high quality corrupted Corpus, Grineer, and Infested. The Tenno were having a lot of trouble taking them down, and were nearly dry on ammo. She arranged for ammo drops and fabricators to be sent. Thank goodness that key was keeping the wormhole open.


Speaking of which, it was under attack by infested. They were particularly enraged. She'd stationed some Lotus operatives there, who were nothing like tenno despite having good firepower. They'd need some assistance. She pulled some of the Tenno out of the Nexus, and let them rotate and rest.

"Attention all Tenno, we need samples of any infested tissue you find during your missions in the void, or defending the Key Station. DO NOT cross contaminate.'

The results of this mission identified 13 different strains of Infested from all corneres of the Origin system, as well as ones previously only found in the Void. This concerned her greatly, as Void breakouts are incredibly rare, as Corpus or Grineer had to find Fallen Towers and open them up with keys, or have surviving parties come out of Raids and bring back the infestation. The statistics of this were not good.

The worst part is she had lost all of her informants within the 12 hours she was gone. They had all died or been subverted. Damn, this was turning out to be a horrible operation. She was going to pull out and try to reestablish assets when one of the Tenno cells discovered something. A large portion of the Nexus within..... Sub-sub space? A void within the void? How was this possible?

Her physics cores went wild with the information, and the echoes within her head started anew. She immediately set Tenno to work, finding artifacts and information about "Sub-Voids" or trying to find a key.

She looked through the Tenno's eyes at the key. It looked like normal space, but she could tell the difference from the relative Gravity well and Quantum particle activity from the Portal. Not to mention it looked quite.. Fancy. Beautiful murals of Tenno fighting a mass of shadows that looked like knarly branches, and a REAL golden leaf inscription of what appeared to be a primitive Excalibur- The Lotus blacked out once more.

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