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List of issues currently affecting keyboard controls on the user interface

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This is a non-exhaustive list of UI screens that cannot be used and/or navigated using the keyboard. The most important issues are highlighted. If a screen is exempt from an issue, it's noted in italics.
As a reference, I use a 5:4 (1280 x 1024) screen and run the game at native resolution.

Common issues

All screens mentioned below, and most screens not mentioned, are affected by these issues, unless noted in italics.

  • Pressing the Enter key doesn't trigger a click event on the vast majority of UI elements. This includes, but is not limited to, common UI elements, such as the squad member profile/mute/leave/invite buttons and buttons in the lower right corner (Back, Exit, Default, etc).
  • Large menus (such as inventory or mods) can't be scrolled using the keyboard.
  • The cursor often misses UI elements when moved using arrow/WASD keys. This becomes more notable when the targeted element is near the edge of the screen, such as a mission node in Navigation.
  • The cursor can get stuck in the upper left corner (probably as a result of the issue above) and has to be brought back using the mouse.
  • Even though the cursor can be moved between the buttons of dialogs (e.g. yes/no confirmations), pressing Enter will trigger the default "ok" button regardless of the cursor position.
  • Where text input is expected (e.g. chat or "select quantity" dialog), there is no way to leave the text field using the keyboard.

Pause menu

  • Enter key functions on the menu items themselves.


  • Cursor is extremely inaccurate, both in pointing at a targeted element and in moving between elements.
  • World state lists (e.g. Void fissures) can't be scrolled.
  • When moving between elements that expand (e.g. Invasion missions), the last one closes and the cursor misses it.


  • The search bar cannot be accessed using the keyboard.
  • The Categories menu cannot be accessed using the keyboard unless it is opened beforehand.
  • Navigating up or down within the Categories menu is unreliable. Sometimes the cursor skips an item or gets stuck.

Market - viewing an item

  • Pressing Enter acts as if the player pressed the Purchase button, regardless of cursor location.


  • Pressing Enter correctly activates elements on the tiled menus, but not the buttons on the top bar (Quests/Universe/Training/Missions, as well as categories).

Inventory and shop interfaces

  • Pressing Enter on the highlighted item works as expected, but nowhere else.


  • Cursor inaccuracy makes navigating to sub-items (i.e. Equip, Upgrade, Appearance buttons) difficult.
  • If an item (Warframe, weapon, companion) is highlighted, pressing Enter opens the Equip menu even if the cursor is on the Upgrade or Appearance button, or not at all on the item.
  • When equipping an item, moving the cursor over one and pressing Enter doesn't change which item is selected, and will equip whatever was equipped before.

Arsenal - upgrade menu

  • Cursor accuracy is perfect.
  • On the other hand, the Enter key is entirely nonfunctional and the menu cannot be scrolled.

Arsenal - appearance menu

  • Enter key can be used on the menu items, but not in the color selection dialog.
  • Color set list can't be scrolled with the keyboard.


  • Cursor accuracy is perfect.
  • That being said, the cursor sometimes jumps from the category bar's rightmost items, over the actual foundry items, directly to the bottom right buttons.
  • The Enter key works perfectly on foundry items and the cancel buttons, but not on any other UI elements.

Foundry - arcanes

  • Enter key is entirely nonfunctional.

Mods segment

  • Cursor is accurate with the exception of the Ayatan Treasures menu.
  • Enter key is entirely nonfunctional.
  • Cannot be scrolled using keyboard.

Pet segment

  • Cursor is accurate, but trying to navigate downwards using the keys jumps to the bottom right buttons.

Operator - main

  • There is an invisible element above the Focus icon that the cursor jumps to, but doesn't do anything.  
  • Cursor accuracy is poor, ~~but sufficient to keep the cursor inside the circles.~~ (this doesn't make it a non-issue)  

Operator - equipment and appearance

  • Enter key is entirely nonfunctional.

Operator - focus school selection

  • Cursor accuracy is too low to hit "Make primary" buttons.  
  • The "Increase pool" button in the center is inaccessible using keyboard.  

Operator - focus school ability tree

  • Cursor seems to be confined to elements that are visible - if one is outside the boundaries, the screen doesn't pan to make it fit.  
  • Cannot be panned using keyboard.

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