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New Mod Ui


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The mod UI is the most annoying part in WF. It is a lot better than before but it could still be improved much.


Changing weapons or Frame is an annoyance, Here is my solution:


1.All mods are in the mod menue and you just install copies in the Frames/Weapons.


2. Every Mod-Slot gets a  counter which chooses the level of the installed mod. Max is the mod level but you can "turn down" mods. When you have serration on level 6 you can choose every level from 0 to 6 and just use the according Mods capacity.


Whats the advantage? You can quickly choose between Frames/weapons because you don't need to switch mods. Fusing mods wouldn't have any effect on the installed mods, because their level is determined by the counter. Of cause you can raise the level after fusing but nothing would change in your mod configuration before you open it and manually change the configuration it. So you can't exceed the mod capacity of any frame/weapon by fusing the "main" mod.




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