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Based on this post, and taking into account that we've got many new users ...


 I don't think I've ever seen you just post a comment in the English forums without there being some form of warning in it, let us get to know you a bit better.


... ask me anything. Maybe this'll help to clear up a few things. Fire away - I'll be here for the day.

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If I start giving warning posts, how long before I take your position? ...... 


Kidding of course, but better than shouting "FIRST!" or anything else, your a person like the rest of us: but I will toss out an actual question - perhaps not what your looking to answer but regardless....


How much insider information do the CM actually get their hands on, more specifically, are you currently under a DND agreement or have been asked not to speak of a upcoming 'something' :P

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How much insider information do the CM actually get their hands on, more specifically, are you currently under a DND agreement or have been asked not to speak of a upcoming 'something' :P


All Greeneer have signed NDAs. We are held accountable for any information presented to us in our line of work pertaining to upcoming content. With a small group of five and distinct information, it is easy to know when one of us would leak anything - so we don't. We know about events shortly before they happen, we are informed of upcoming changes to the forums and new backend features, such as the threshold for new posters to participate on the forums.


Whats the funniest thing you have seen on the forums? I'm interested in stories.


The crate is a lie. There was a thread about the then-new Corpus Outpost tileset, the defense mission with the two rows of pillars left and right. Initially, the Cryopod was halfway inside a crate, and people were confused how that pod was to fit in that crate. It went on over multiple pages, with people measuring the length of both objects in Volts ("The pod is 4.35 Volts, but the crate is only 3.7 Volts long! Outrageous!") and it was a glorious back and forth between mappers and members.


The end was that the Corpus Outpost hangar bay now has one window behind where a robot fails to put the lid on a crate with a Cryopod sticking out. Cracks me up everytime I see the easter egg.


How exactly did you get the idea for your name?


It started with a children's book, called "Everything with wings is spooky." It was about a girl that finds out she is from a line of witches, and her bestie is a kid called Cedric. He always tags along with her, and despite her and her famjam being magical, and flying on brooms and what not, he is vital to solving the riddles and adventures they face. All he has are his smarts, because he is as magical as a rock. Back in the late 90ies, I played an IRC RPG, and my first character was a certain "Cedric Algard". People called me Ced, ElCeddo, Ceddy, and so on. "Cedric" was taken on other platforms, and because I had an episode of fascination with the number 23, that went in the middle of it. The rest is history.






steam account?


My steam friendlist is small, just like my Warframe friendlist. I rather not disclose that information, with no offense intended. Harassing /whispers in WF are sufficient for my taste. ;)


Are you really a dragon?


In Shadowrun, the largest corporation is the German corp Saeder-Krupp, led by the ancient dragon Lofwyr. I am neither confirming nor denying that Germany has a history of dragons in high places and am neither confirming nor denying either a pattern or a coincedence.


Have you been a Moderator in any other forum before?

How do you feel about being a Moderator?

Do you like Cats?


I have moderated a large German anime forum (Pummeldex), a large Paintball forum (TechPB), and some smaller forums not worthy of mentioning. Moderating is a task I have been asked to fulfill. I have little to no emotional approach to it, I just do it because DE asked me to. I am meticulous and dependable in such situations, and while many would vie for the "power", that has little allure to me. I see the work and get it done.

I have two cats, Lady Lillian and Paula, which I love dearly.

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Do you occasionaly let your own "feelings" (no idea how to say it properly :p) Get in the way of your moderating work?  Or do you try to stay as proffesional as possible when moderating?



Oh and most important question: Lord Of The Rings, The Wheel of Time or A Song of Ice and Fire? Wich one of those do you like the most?

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