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Frame: Shackle


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In response to the grappling hook idea, I came up with a warframe idea. All names are placeholder names. Please drop me any feedback that you might have, positive or negative. I'm open to new ideas :)

Also any formatting feedback would also be appreciated. I can read this just fine but I made it, so if it burns your eyes, please tell me (preferably with ideal formatting solutions).

Ability 1: Chain Bind

Damages enemy and binds enemies with chains

-Bind lasts longer at level-up

-Deals more damage at level-up

-Higher levels can send more chains to affect more opponents

Ability 2: Crippling Tug (CT)

-Damages chained enemies (decently high damage)

-If there are no chained enemies in the area, this can be done to a single target but with mediocre damage

-Pulls enemies towards your position (deals physics impact or forcefield damage to other enemies)

--Target area is in a cone from the player

--All bound enemies within the cone are pulled

--Enemies that are currently bound to another enemy are not affected by your pull

---Enemies that have enemies bound to them can be pulled

---This would cause serious physics issues as you could potentially hit several enemies all linked together.

-Enemy is knocked down

-Bind is released

Ability 3: Grapple

-If not aiming at enemy, uses chain as grappling hook

-Using the ability when the reticle is over a bound enemy will allow you to pull yourself to their location, damaging said enemy on contact.

--Deals more damage to bound targets

-Hits other enemies who get in your way as you travel to the target.

Ability 4: Dead Reckoning

-Chains explode out of target bound enemy (kind of like a remote Chain Bind crossed with Excalibur's Radial Javalin, dealing massive damage to the originally bound target.

-In the absence of a bound enemy, chains fire from you. (No bound target = no single target massive damage)

-These chains can bind more enemies

-Your abilities work on all bound enemies however pull has special circumstances

--CT will pull all enemies towards the originally bound enemy.

--Can be stacked for devastating results

---Enemies can only be bound to one source at a time

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