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Placable Text And/or Picture Signs


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Would be nice if there was three "decorations" on the floor, wall and ceiling to display text and or an image, think like in minecraft, would be useful to give directions in the dojo the floor version could be a lot like the entry way column thing but ofc should look different so it's not confused with it.


The image would ideally be possible to provide yourself but if not would be nice if you could use the thumbnail images of the rooms, very useful to put a sign on a wall next to a door with a thumbnail of the room inside etc.


Putting texts in different places on the dojo would be very useful, give directions not only at the door, explanations to stuff like how to contribute to decorations, "plaques" explaining event statues etc.


Would be nice if it was scalable like other decorations, wouldn't re-size the pillar/orb/thingy that projects the image/text but instead re-sizes the picture/text.

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