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So...how much are YOU willing to SACRIFICE to make sure DE makes your favorite frame an Umbra?

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27 minutes ago, (PS4)Silverback73 said:

Because a Firestorm is surely coming with the advent of “Tau Meta/Umbra fashion Meta” combinations.

So...Tell me.  Are you ready to advocate for YOUR frame’s inclusion in Umbra?

Monkey's right kidney.

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1 minute ago, BansheePrime said:

My Banshee Prime and Supra Vandal. Also the skin of everyone above me since they are sacrificing other peoples body parts.

So, I guess that means I have some skin in this game and had better do my best to make sure my side wins.

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5 minutes ago, DJ_Vauban said:

I'm gonna be that guy and say that I would totally sacrifice the Lotus. Nothing was lost, only gained :3

I was just about to say the Lotus as well. I mean story wise she already left us so it's not like we'd be losing out on that much tbh.


Really though, I'm not sure if I have a particular frame that I play consistantly enough nowadays that I'd want to have get the Umbra Treatment.

I will say that since she needs both a bit of love and a power boost: Ember; I remember loving her a lot earlier on but changes and constant nerfs have left her in a sad state and it'd be nice to pull her back out and use her in higher-end content again.

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I'd sacrifice a whoooooooooooooooooooooole lot of Corpus, Grineer and Sentient corpses. I'd say Infested as well but they have a habit of exploding.

Hey, nobody said it had to be one thing that's valuable to me.

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