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So...how much are YOU willing to SACRIFICE to make sure DE makes your favorite frame an Umbra?

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22 minutes ago, AuroraSonicBoom said:

I don't expect any other than series one warframes to get Umbra versions, so I don't care about Banshee Umbra, but I'll take any version that has the same functionality and stat boosts.

Ahhh, series 1.  Is there an official list?  Canonically and RW timeline?

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I'm willing to sacrifice my LEFT ARM.

Well from the elbow down.  Its mostly plastic and I'm sure my insurance would cover the replacement.

Edit: and that frame would be the original klitty, can you imagine her hysteria-ing while we are operator-ing.

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7 hours ago, DJ_Vauban said:


Uh sorry to burst your bubble but it's already been said that that kind of thing won't happen owo


Hope the pic is showing <w<

I take that with a grain of salt tbh, because if there is a large enough demand it will happen. As DE says, 'never say never'.

We'll see how it goes!

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I'll sacrifice all my jellyfish prime ayatans and even the purples from all my color palettes for Nyx Umbra. I have enough nyx noggles for a summoning circle if I need to go that far.

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2 hours ago, Hypernaut1 said:

Is Umbra a class of frame? I thought it was just for Excalibur for the quest. 

Yeeeeaaaaaaah.....but then DE basically decided that Umbra is a new meta Sentient-killer with access to Sentient damage bonuses and resistances which other ‘frames can literally never use even half so well, right as they’re teasing that the storyline is about to involve more stuff with Sentients and Tau.


If DE turn around six months from now and say ‘Oh, no, that was only ever a one off, whoops, we genuinely didn’t intend for the new Tau/Sentient content to have matchmaking 98% composed of Excalibur Umbra, who could have seen this coming, that was not our intent as designers....’ actually, nevermind.

That be would be one hundred billion percent in character for DE, they would absolutely do somethig that daft.

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29 minutes ago, (PS4)Lei-Lei_23 said:

I’ll sacrifice Valkyr Umbra’s Access to pave the way for Banshee Umbra’s Access.

Yes, I’m still salty about it. :^)

Yeeeah i hope that don’t happen.

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Umbro Limbro Anyone ???


And just like Excalibro, they change his second skill.


They make it so stasis stops EVERYTHING inside the rift, and they double its duration...😁

I'd sacrifice my vitality mod collection....

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