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Some Bugs I've Been Noticing.


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There are a few bugs that I've been experiencing throughout my missions. But the two major ones are these:


Sometimes when I do a regular attack with my sword, it will just stay locked in the charging position for a few seconds and doesn't let me do any attack moves.


Another one is sometimes after I finish off a large crowd on enemies I'll be continuously shot at by some invisible entity that doesn't look like it's there. It almost looks like it's coming from the walls. I've checked it over and over again, and I swear it's not a turret or a person behind the wall.

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I've had this happen as well. It usually happens when I kill an enemy with a heavy melee while they are firing at me. The enemy disappears, but their weapon will fire continuously until I assume the weapon reaches the end of its clip (which is quite a while usually). This is quite annoying in defense missions, as it forces me to retreat and/or take cover, and it seems like the glitch happens more often on defense missions.

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I'm having a few issues that happen when I'm not hosting.

First, sonar vanishes completely after 2 seconds.

Second, in some weapons, I see less damage and I can't see the FX of enemies getting electrocuted or burned but Cryo Rounds works. Looks like elements are not working properly.


EDIT:About the melee issue, after getting knocked down again you can use melee as normal.

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