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What Happend To The Referral Program ?



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I'm pretty sure there never was a referral program and I'm also pretty sure they will not be adding one anytime soon.



Don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but those referral rewards had better not be exclusive and/or ridiculous in their requirements.



Asking us all to get one thousand people to start playing is insane. Only people people with YouTube/Twitch channels and cult leaders will be able to cajole that many people into registering. The way referring a person works makes it so that every referral made screws over every individual who didn't refer that person.


If the reward for referring something renewable/buyable, like an Affinity Boost, then everything will be fine, but if a Skana Vandal or Ash Prime is held hostage behind a referral wall, it won't be cool at all.



See: Second to last point.

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Update 9.5 plus hotfixes below 2529484-1390286455-Updat.jpg

On your Starchart, a new Region has emerged. Phobos is where the Grineer Settlements were hidden!

Rewards and results of the completed event are in the works. Please sit tight as we get all the information together.

Here is what you have discovered:

  • - New Level & Region: Grineer Settlements - (Supports: Assasinate, Raid, Capture, Defence, Sabotage, Rescue)
  • - New Enemy Type: Grineer Sandtroopers
  • - New Enemy Type: Grineer Jetpack Trooper
  • - New Enemy Type: Desert Skate
  • - Grineer Reinforcements: Eviscerator and Informer return to the battlefield.
  • - New Weapon: Grineer Sidearm
  • - Mastery Rank Challenges: Levels 6-12
  • - Newly polished Clan Dojo rooms and new placeable decorations.
  • - Weekly Clan Challenge (Endless Defence on Kiliken & Tiered Leaderboards)
  • - Referral Program - Refer friends, earn rewards.
  • - RNG Fix 2.0 - Region and Enemy specific loot drops for more efficient hunting




I dont know but It was mentioned here

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