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~~~Reaxtion Family Recruiting~~~


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~ReaXtion Warframe Division!~

~What is ReaXtion About?~

-ReaXtion is a Friendly, active and casual gaming guild/clan that focus on Personality, Honesty and Respect and most importantly FUN.
-ReaXtion pushes to be the most active and most coordinated clans to be seen and heard and would like to grow in Warframe. We are a multi gaming clan and has 10+ members active daily and are growing everyday through friendship and loyalty.
-We are mainly an East/West based time line and are recruiting all timeslots around the globe, however it is mandatory that while being part of our family brotherhood you will need to be on our VOIP for a fair amount throughout your gametime. UNACTIVITY is not acceptable unless reason is given.
-I am the Clan/Guild Leader of ReaXtion and are looking for new members to be apart of our online gaming community, and family.

~What does ReaXtion have to offer that would interest you in Joining?~

-Friendly and Cooperative, our leaders rely on a positive reinforcement and building to be constructive to be better as well as improving the quality of our clan and dojo. We are here to have fun and grow as a family and a gaming community.
-Leadership model that challenges and improves player who want to be as best as can be, We have very fair, respectful and responsible admins/enforcers who will always be around to answer or assist with any problems that arrives.

~Codes of Conduct (RULES)~

-Have fun: After all Warframe is a cooperative game for us all to enjoy in our own way. If you aren’t having fun then something is wrong. If you feel someone is being unfriendly or just plain rude/hostile, don’t be afraid to contact any online enforcers or division leaders. Our Leadership uses constructive criticism, and positive reinforcement to help improve your gaming experience. We are not interested in keeping those who choose to harass or pressure any members of our brotherhood and family to be BULLIES or DRAMA STARTERS
-Be yourself: We don’t want you to pretend what your not, we want to encourage you to not change your personality and build your self-esteem, so you don’t feel you aren’t wanted or accepted. ReaXtion is a brotherhood guild/clan that bring people in and treat them like family.

How can YOU join ReaXtion?

1. Must be at the age of at least 16 or older. This can potentially be negotiated and looked past but must be voted upon through the enforcers.
2. Applicants must join our teamspeak 3 server and have an enforcer walk them through the steps they must take in order in becoming a member of ReaX. You do not need a microphone but we highly encourage for you to get one.
3. Applicants are asked to sign up on our clan website at clanreaction.enjin.com
PLEASE NOTE: you must join teamspeak and let an enforcer know you have applied on our clan website so they may activate your account and walk you through the application steps, so you can further process your recruitment application.
4. Applicants are also given a probationary period and given the rank ReaX Initiate for 3 to 14 days. Enforcer will vote and vouch their opinion of you throughout your 3-14 day probation if you receive 2-3 votes and vouches your probation will be lifted and you will be recruited officially and promoted to “ReaXtion Soldier”.

PLEASE NOTE: Once all 4 steps have been made and completed I would like to say to you. Congratulations you are now part of our Clan/Guild and Brotherhood. Welcome to the Family.

Clan Leader: drakonvenom
Clan Contact: drakonvenom, rikov, seuzah, nadi.
Clan Website: clanreaction.enjin.com
Clan Teamspeak 3: ts.reaxtion.net
Clan Currently Recruiting: Yes - All Warframes, All Roles

Current Clan Size 10+
Clan Size Limit Goal: 50+
Clan Type: RP-PvE-Social and PVP
Clan Primary Time Line: EST / PST (We accept everyone from all different timezones)

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