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Umbra Scarf Toggle On and Off

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Hello, would it be possible to toggle the aesthetics of Umbra on and off, particularly the scarf? I'm thinking about prime aesthetic options that can be toggled on and off and would like something similar for Umbra?

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In my opinion, Umbra needs 3 things done:
-Toggles for: Scarf, Crescents, Umbra attachments/loincloth.
-Fix for Umbra Crescents on arms not animating properly or staying attached to forearms.
-Pakal Loincloth and, if DE allow it, Stalker Acolyte helmet for maximum Stalking.

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On 2018-06-27 at 3:15 PM, AlMcFly said:

This needs to happen.

Below are the other threads created on this subject in most recent days in order to add further weight:



add mine


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