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My Mouse Buttons Changed Places.



When this happened my mouses shoot button - aimed & aim button - fired.


I was able to retrieve normal buttons for missions, but in UI (when modding up ur warframe/weapons, shopping etc) my buttons are still mixed up, (i choose everything with mouse button 2 instead of 1)


I tried to default settings but this didn't help.


I realise this isn't so big problem anymore because my fire, and aim buttons are normal now, but still annoying.


Can anyone help me? Or has something like this happened to anyone else?

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1-What mouse is that.

2-have you installed any drivers for it recently?

3-if yes, delete. if no- are you sure?

4-you sure you don't have older brother playing tricks on you?

5-If yes, time for revenge* if no, look for better answers than mine.

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I have razer - something, seems theres new update for its drivers. I try if this helps. And yes, i have installed drivers for this mouse already, but now im updating them.


Thanks for answer btw.


Sounds like:


-Hey i got new car!

-Oh rly? what car you got?



:) You got nice mouse there, hope new drivers will do a trick.

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Razer Lachesis Refresh Multicolour gaming mouse.


I still have this problem. My aim and shoot are working in a right way. But in UI my mouse button 1 is 2, and likewise, 2 is 1. :3


And y, restarted my computer after i installed new drivers.

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