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I started playing Warframe last week and I'm really getting into it. I'm a PC player (Steam) new to Warframe (MR3) and looking for an active clan and would love an invite if a spot is open! Hopefully looking for a clan with an active playerbase and people talking in chat lol. I'm planning to get a mic but as of right now, I'm using my laptop mic. I'm located in Pacific Timezone - usually play at night or late-night.


IGN: eXgalv



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On 22/08/2013 at 11:12 AM, Sekkeisha said:

A Moon Clan is a massive community with up to 1000 players. You want to be part of an army? Join a Moon Clan!



-Dojo is finished

-Research finished

-Events, events, events

-You get more Void-Access (if your clanmates aren't cocky :P)

-A lot of full-geared players

-You're an army



-Chat might be spammed

-People might ignore you

-You can't help the clan in any way

-Dojo is full of people



Recommended for good players who finished everything.

I need clan !!

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Well its been a while, ive been clanless for a long time 2 years to be exact.

things have changed since 2013. and now im in need of a clan however I like to make some specific requirements:

  1. Friendly and Sociable to an extent and can help with guides and mods
  2. Does Events, Being in the top 100 ranked per event isn't required but a plus
  3. Dojo Research Ready
  4. Can go on leave for some time just in case (hey im studying after all)
  5. Constantly Active as a Clan

Anyways for those knowing my Ign is BanVideoGamess88 and I'm mastery rank 8, located in UTC +10 and is mainly looking for an international moon clan. (just not that one clan who's warlord got ejected by the DE staff for crimes against humanity)



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