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Do you like shrubberys?

If the answer is yes, then you, fellow Solider, will fit great into the "Knights who say Ni".

If to wish to join my humble organisation leave your name and a shrubbery here (you could also take down a big oak with a hering if you insist, but it's not recommended).

To join, you have to be level 0 and willing to play the Game,
recommended are lv 3 (If you want dojo-weaponry) resources to contribute and god-like playing abilities.

I ran this clan by myself for a way to long time, and I would love some company.

May your days be bright and your nights brignter,

ps: all research is done, a tradingpost is here.

pps: Working on an awesome clan-emblem done!

ppps: Now with 900% more members^^!

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When danger reared its ugly head,

They bravely turned their tail and fled?


Listen, strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' warframes is no basis for a system of government.

Oh, but you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some eyless slag threw a Skana at you.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAnd he's gone...

Maybe you will not get more knights to accompany you in your quest, but I hope that you will find consolation in the fact that you created thread that is much more funny than Warframe puns.

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*blows a little dust away*
So it seems I came here again, in memorys of the good old days, seeking for companions and associates.
Seeking for an army.
For the Knights who say Ni shall rise and conquer!

And now for something completely different: John Cleese!

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I call you to arms.
Other clans grow, the knights shrink.

This cannot continue.
I call out to the chosen ones, those willing to stand up, the ones brave enough to stand up for a cause.

I need your help, I beg you.
All I ask you is your companionship.

I can give you a place to stay when the sky turns dark and the tides rise.
I can give you a home.

Fellow Tenno, you are my last hope.

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