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Clan Implementation Isuses (+CSS)


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  • No options to allow people to join instantly
    • Clan privacy settings still cannot be changed after a clan has been created
  • Sorting the clan section then going to the next page will reset the sort criteria
  • Unable to leave a clan if you created it (I have a second clan that only includes myself that doesn't need to exist)
  • No method to report any clans that are purely made for trolling (though can also be useful tied to the above line)
  • Going to a different page on a Clan's member list creates a perpetual load screen
    • Refreshing the page appears to at least get it to load (but this shouldn't be needed)
  • Lot of issues with the Dark Theme that are easily fixable (more on that below, but focusing on areas that are visible within the Clan page)


  • Red: Background image does not fill the page correctly
  • Blue: Black background given to Profile Images despite being PNGs and being unnecessary
  • Green: Background and icon are both the same color
  • Orange: Newsletter column is unneeded especially on the Clan pages and only serves to take up space



My Version (which contains fixes for other areas as well):




Edited by Sean
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