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Focus Tweak: Naramon Void Hunter & Stalker Reversal


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I am, and have always been a stalwart Naramon user, and I liked it in Focus 1.0, and I like it a lot in Focus 2.0. However, there is one glaring issue with 2 abilities that while it may be trivial, could improve the focus school a TON. 
Void Stalker - Void mode increases crit chance up to 50% on melee - Costs 4 energy per second

Void Hunter - Allows enemies to be seen through walls - Costs 1 energy per second

In my opinion , void Hunter, the ability that costs less, and has more entertaining uses, than an ability with a constantly decreasing buff.

It would be great to see Void Hunter be the prerequisite for Void Stalker instead of the current system, which would allow players like myself who want to use Void Hunter and but NOT void stalker (due to immense energy drain) exclusively.

Would this be at all possible?

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