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Idea's For New Unique Event


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A really cool idea i have is a daily leader boards. New awesome mods and weapons can be made specifically for this new feature. If you are top 100 in any daily leader board, you gain points. With these points you can purchase from this new pool of awesome premium mods and weapons. Leader boards can include, top 100 kill count daily. Top 100 missions completed daily. Top 100 boss kills daily. Top kills with melee only daily. Additionally unspent points stay with you forever to purchase on future content for this feature.


This event will, in my humble opinion, invigorate the community. Much more play time and much more competitive spirit. So what do you guys thing about this idea?


Is it good?

can it be expanded on?

or is it just crap?

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its good and bad at the same time ill explain


It encourages competitiveness as you said but the flip side is that there will be people who will always top the board every single day there wont be a chance for the little guys to get in on this "event" and it would make these rewards you suggest monopolized by a select few making people feel unappreciated.

the suggestion is good, not altogether unique and could use a good bit of refining but then that is what brainstorming and coming up with suggestions is all about :D 

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