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Possibility: Ember Music Video


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I was running while listening to music, happens a lot, when a song came on that I've heard a few times, but I'm not usually thinking all that much while running, just kinda zone out... and then an idea hit me.  If you'd like to get into the same zone I was in, listen to the song while reading the idea.



Ember suavely walks up to a door that Ash and Loki are peeking through from either side at the Grineer that are gathered in a vast horde on the other side, not noticing the Tenno.  Ash turns his head slightly, noting ember, and raises his hand forward in a gentleman's gesture of "after you".  Ember looks back to Nova who's standing behind her just a bit, and Nova nods her head foward as if to say, "Go get'em".  Ember nods down, looking determined yet at ease, as she walks into the room.


As the video switches to a long shot, of ember walking head on, you note Ash and Loki cloak, as Nova casts wormhole and and walks through it.  At that moment, the two nearest guards notice Ember, and challenge her.  She raises her weaponless right hand and snaps, casting Overheat, immolating the first two Grineer that rushed at her with little more effort than blinking.


She continues to walk slowly into the horde of Grineer, who are now swarming her at a safe distance, drawing weapons, taking aim, ready to fire.


Video switches to a wide shot, where you see on the outskirts of the horde, ash is blinking from enemy to enemy, slicing and dicing, as he does best, on the other side, you notice three Grineer that were standing together, thrown through the air as an arrow pierces the first, and smashes the second two, throwing them to their demise.


Now the video switches to a medium close shot, showing ember watching something in the crowd, as a heavy unit emerges, and starts to charge her, a single shot rings out, and the heavy falls foward, and you see the bullet trail leading back to Nova who's high up on a ledge.


As Ember watches the heavy fall to the ground, head cocked to the side as if she's smiling, she crouches and casts World on Fire, two which the video would take to the air, and you'd see the horde of Grineer burning alive, turning to ash, until there was one left... one special target left.


Ember stands up, and as World on Fire fades, she walks towards the target.  At the same time you see Ash and Loki blink out of their cloaks, and Nova leaps from the ledge, landing gracefully to the ground, right behind the target... and the video ends.


If DE Staff gave us some graphic files, and video editing tools, I'd LOVE to make this!


But as is, one would need to procure copyright usage of the song, etc.


ANYwho, just though I'd share my awesome video idea.

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