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Miter Charge - Bug


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I keep hearing... er... reading I suppose... everyone say that the Miter is bugged because the weapon damage doesn't change at all if you charge it.  But that doesn't feel or seem right to me.  The FIRST time I noticed the Miter, being used by enemies on the weekend event for the giant @$$ ships, I said to myself "Hot damn, I want that weapon... look at that sweet, sweet stream of sawblades!!!!1!"


Needless to say, the Miter is a slow, painful weapon to use currently.  It seems to me the reason for this is quite possibly the fact that the charge isn't doing what it's supposed to, which is spit out a group of 5 or more blades.  It could be that the longer you charge it, the more blades you spit out, but either or, it doesn't work.  I think spitting out all 20 would be a bit much, and would leave you reloading quite a bit... so 5 seems a good number, if not 10 just for massive blade throwing awesomeness.


Please fix this, my DE friends, and as always, we the players will be very-much-so grateful.

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the mitter has many things wrong with it , and im actually surprised that DE have not fixed it yet , they usually active on when these types of things are released


but i guess we all know they are working on a patch just maybe they get getting stuck at something , dunno what that is but yeah we are all hoping for a hotfix for the mitter and other major bugs

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