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Xbox One: The Sacrifice: Update 23 (LIVE!)


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We did it!! We passed cert and THE SACRIFICE is officially launching this Thursday, July 5th!! We could not be more excited for you all to experience the third cinematic quest in Warframe's history. 

Thank you so much for all your support, Tenno!!! Can't wait to see you at TennoCon 2018 and at the TennoLive stage this Saturday!

We had 2 goals with The Sacrifice on console:

  • Sending the build to Cert before the end of this week.
  • Passing Cert in time to launch the update before TennoCon 2018 on July 7th. 

Well, the Console team has done the impossible and HAS MET THE FIRST GOAL! With only 2 weeks to get The Sacrifice build ready to send to Microsoft, they made it to the finish line and it has officially been shipped to Cert!! The console team truly are champions for making this happen within such a small window of time, so they definitely deserve a big round of applause for all their hard work. 

We have received so much of your energy over the past couple of weeks, and it has kept us fueled over the many long nights, thank you for your support! 

Now is the time where we channel all that energy to the Cert Gods so that they may bless this build and pass it. At this time we would like to remind you that there is a possibility that the build doesn’t pass Certification, which means we might not be able to reach goal #2 of shipping The Sacrifice before TennoCon 2018. To best prepare you for all scenarios, if it so happens we don’t pass Cert, The Sacrifice will launch shortly after TennoCon has officially come to a close. In any case, we will do our darn best and we appreciate your understanding. 

With all that said! Let’s take a look at what Update 23: THE SACRIFICE will bring: 



The Apostasy Prologue left a memento from the Lotus lingering in the Orbiter, calling back to the moment Ballas extended his hand to her. As they faded beyond grasp, nothing but fragmented transmissions from her remained.

Now, a foreboding vision leads the Tenno to hunt for a savage Warframe. Will you unmask the truth in this mind-bending new chapter of the cinematic storyline? THE SACRIFICE will bring you closer to uncovering what has fallen into shadow.

Prepare for THE SACRIFICE! 

You must complete The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Harrow and the Apostasy Prologue quests in order to get access to The Sacrifice. If you have met all of the requirements, the quest will be available in your Codex upon login. You can also prepare by planning your best Warframe and Operator loadouts to face the challenges that await you in THE SACRIFICE.

A new Achievement worth 100 Gamerscore has also been added for completing The Sacrifice! 



As promised, we are re-running the Twitch Drops Campaign for our console Tenno who have been patient and strategically avoiding spoilers. As a heads up, the campaign will be a bit delayed to launch after the update goes live due to TennoCon 2018. We will have an official launch time to share at a later date. 

We will be posting a new thread when the Campaign goes live with all of the information you need to earn your Twitch Drops. You can expect the same rewards earned the same way as noted in our updated campaign: 



Umbra Armor
Eclipse the darkness of Umbra with this Armor Set for any Warframe.


Umbra Companion Armor
Embody the height of companion Fashion Frame with new Umbra-themed Kubrow and Kavat Armor Sets.


Operator Cosmetics
Outfit your Operators with these golden-age Customizations.

Umbra In Action Glyph
He’s mad but he’s also cute in chibi form.

The Sacrifice Collection
Cast a long shadow with these Umbra and Dax items [beware of spoilers!]

Dax Syandana
Worn in battle and ceremony at late-Orokin Dax, this Syandana was seen as a symbol of power to all in the empire.

And more to be discovered upon completing THE SACRIFICE quest!



Plains living is tough living, Tenno, especially in the sweltering summer. Channel the Ostron spirit of resilience with the Towsun Collection II.

This collection includes: 

  • Quartakk Towsun Skin
  • Stubba Towsun Skin
  • Maggor Towsun Armor
  • Maggor Towsun Syandana


Warframes with unique Ability-driven (Exalted) Weapons will be separately Modded in your Arsenal with the launch of The Sacrifice! This includes the ability to customize their appearance too! They appear in your Arsenal as an unranked moddable Weapon option once you’ve unlocked the Ability.

If you own any of the following Warframes, their “Exalted” Weapon will be added to your Arsenal:

  • Excalibur/Prime’s Exalted Blade
  • Ivara’s Artemis Bow
    • If you own or purchase the Ivara Obsidian skin from Renown Pack XI, you will automatically receive the Obsidian bow skin to equip on Ivara’s Artemis bow. 
  • Mesa’s Regulators
    • If you own or purchase the Mesa Presidio Skin, you will automatically receive the Presidio Regulators skin to equip onto Mesa’s Regulators.
  • Titania’s Dex Pixia and Diwata
    • Increased Titania’s Diwata damage to 200, Critical Chance to 20% and Critical Multiplier to 2x.
    • Titania’s Dex Pixia will use Secondary Mods! You can read more on that in the dedicated Dev Workshop on the official Warframe Forums.
  • Valkyr/Prime’s Talons
  • Wukong’s Iron Staff


Currently, we have exactly 131 screens in Warframe that need an artistic pass to the new style. 8 are done and ready to go - and they are coming in Update 23! There are 10 themes to choose from (default or purchased themes) for the screens we have completed, and all subsequent screens will inherit whatever UI theme you've chosen.


Customize your UI! 

  • To change your UI theme, you will have to go to your Interface Options and select “UI Customization”.
  • From the default free themes we have 2 specifically tailored for our visually impaired and color blind Tenno: the “Equinox Theme” (B&W theme) and the “High Contrast Theme”!
  • Backgrounds:
    • Equinox Background
    • Legacy Background
    • Vitruvian Background
  • UI sounds: 
    • Chose from “Legacy” and “Vitruvian” options.

(Expand the spoilers below to check out them out!)

  • Increased the size of Star Chart node hitzones.
  • Removed ability to use the  DPad in the Arsenal to hover over the current Warframe Abilities since selecting them does nothing.
  • Improved visibility of Arcane Rank indication icons due to large white text field on the Trading screen.
  • Added a toggle for showing ‘Item labels’ on Inventory items in the Interface Options!
  • Added a "DEFAULT" sort option in the Syndicate Offerings screen. This sorts the Offerings alongside their partners (Warframe Augments, Syndicate Weapons, Captura Scenes, etc).
  • ‘REUSABLE BLUEPRINT’ label is now displayed on appropriate Recipes.
  • Replaced the ‘OWNED’ text on UI Themes with a cleaner checkmark Icon.
  • Fixed hovering over certain Mods in the Syndicate Offerings screen not displaying their description correctly.
  • Fixed category switch on some screens when hovering over a category button.
  • Fixed cursor moving to an arbitrary spot in the Inventory Sort Options drop down.
  • Fixed cursor automatically snapping to a button on the right side of the screen if a menu is open.
  • Fixed being unable to rotate your Operator while customizing when your cursor is hovering over the item menu.
  • Fixed being unable to rotate your Operator at all after fast traveling to the Transference room from “Operator” in the pause menu.
  • Fixed inability to select/equip any Mods until exiting the Upgrade screen upon dismissing the error prompt for Mods also equipped on a Sentinel Weapon.
  • Fixed pressing the Upgrade quick button can resulting in a different weapon to be selected on the Upgrade screen.
  • Fixed Gear items being skipped over when using the  DPad to select Gear items in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed clicking a locked Exilus Slot and canceling the purchase prompt locking the UI on the “Please Wait” screen.
  • Fixed the Gear wheel overlapping the pause menu UI.
  • Fixed not being able to close the Decoration Placement Bindings screen.
  • Fixed loss of functionality if you attempted to customize Gear items or Emotes by pressing Enter after hovering over it in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality after cancelling a Dojo trade and attempting to leave the Dojo.
  • Fixed the mini map overlapping the Trade item selection screen in Maroo’s Bazaar
  • Fixed the Enter button not functioning when attempting to sell or dissolve Mods.
  • Fixed the ‘View Conclave Mods’ button not functioning.
  • Fixed the Gear wheel remaining on screen if you had it open when extraction triggered.
  • Fixed there being no option to purchase Amp Slots in the Inventory screen under the Amp tab.
  • Fixed being unable to back out of the Clan Permissions screen.
  • Fixed inability to select the ‘Default Colors’ option when using the DPad.
  • Fixed having 2 visible cursors on the Advanced Plains Map.
  • … and more!


  • Vitruvian Glyph Pack:
    • Ashwat Glyph
    • Vanva Glyph
    • Kulam Glyph
    • Nila Glyph
    • Samat Glyph
  • Added some much-requested items to Clan & Dojo management to make decorating and contributing much easier!
    • Added a new ‘DECORATOR’ Role to Dojo hierarchies! This role will allow the player to place/remove Decorations and change room colors/lighting, but without the ability the destroy/build rooms.
    • Added a ‘Contribute All’ button for Dojo room/Decoration Resource contributions, and Dojo Research contribution.
    • Added a ‘Reset’ button to the Obstacle Course to clear all Decorations.
  • Onkko has acquired new offerings! Trade Quills Standing for Landing Craft Decorations like Glowing Sentient Cores, Eidolon Relics, and more! Plus, acquire the Onkko's Cave Scene for your Captura desires.
  • Old Man Sumbaat will have new offerings for the Tenno! You will be able to trade Ostron Standing for everything from decorative fruit baskets, to baskets of spices, to... boots? 
  • Boot Trophy from Fisher Hai Luk’s Offerings.
  • Added some sparkle to some Warframe abilities and other FX with new GPU Particle system.
  • … and more!

TennoGen Round 12 - Remaining Items delayed

As you know, in Update 22.20.6 we released TennoGen Bundle XXVI that included the Syandanas from TennoGen Round 12. After that bundle was released, we informed you that the remaining items will be launched in updates to come.

However, due to strict deadlines and the amount of work/resources required to get a build out to Cert this quickly, the remaining TennoGen Round 12 items will be released in a later update. That will include the Warframe skins, Gara Alt Helmet, and Lympharis Polearm Skin

We thank you for your understanding as we wanted to get The Sacrifice to you as soon as humanly possible.  

Limbo Stasis Changes: 

Limbo's Stasis will be changed to make it more cooperative! Currently, Stasis only stops time for Enemies. Limbo's Gear and all Ally Gear will continue to function. But, because complete time-halting for enemies within the Rift is akin to godly power, the duration of the ability has been shortened overall - from base 30 seconds to 15 seconds. This is of course affected by Mods.


  • Optimized Foundry operations considerably for people with a lot of Inventory.
  • Doubled the Tower White Pigment drop chance and reduced the Pigment quantity to 5.
  • For consistency, damage link abilities (Trinity, Nidus, Nekros) will no longer transmit self-damage, but you will still get the damage reduction. This is particularly relevant for the healer/support class of Trinity who had become the go-to DPS frame in addition to the intended support roles. The re-release of Mods like Aviator added to some clever but ultimately uncharacteristic roles for Trinity.
  • Increased Saryn’s Miasma duration to 6 seconds.
  • Reduced Nova’s Antimatter Drop max Health in half and doubled the absorbed damaged. This fixes Nova’s Antimatter Drop charging twice as quickly as a Client by buffing the Host to match Clients!
  • Nova’s Antimatter Drop base projectile damage is now reflected on the Abilities screen modified by Power Strength, and the multiplier also appears as an unchangeable 8x. This is purely a UI tweak to match how Antimatter Drop has functioned since its release.
  • Doubled the maximum amount of 'Loadout' slots you can purchase with Platinum (now 20 max)!
  • In an effort to make Excavation Fissures more enjoyable and successful, we've increased the Void Fissures spawn rates depending on how many Excavators are deployed!
  • Teralyst, Gantulyst, and Hydrolyst no longer have regenerated Shields immediately after teleporting from being stuck.
  • Slightly lowered the Battalyst and Conculyst's base health from 1300 to 1150.
  • Slightly reduced the Battalyst's projectile damage.
  • Ancient and Scorpion grappling hooks no longer go through Gara’s Mass Vitrify wall.
  • Moved Cetus Wisp and Maprico Tree spawn points a bit further away from water volumes in the NW corner of the Plains for gathering ease.
  • Stunning or knocking down Conculysts during their whirlwind ability and Battalysts during their omnidirectional laser ability now cancels the ability.
  • Punch Through Mods no longer affect the Zenith’s Alternate Fire deployable disc.
  • Changed the player marker to now attach to the body part that you were looking at, so it can be used to mark a specific Teralyst weak point, for instance. Also improved the behaviour when attempting to mark an enemy that was close to your marked world position.
  • Replaced the Bounty Level 40-60 Relic with a Axi O3. This fixes Bounty Level 40-60 Rotation B having the same Lith V5 Relic as Level 10-30.
  • ... and more! 


  • Fixed a progression stopper in The War Within where the Operator would lose their Void abilities.
  • Fixed Onslaught Efficiency pickup counter not tracking correctly after a Host migration occurs.
  • Fixed Sniper combo not decaying over time and instead resetting to zero.
  • Fixed Naramon Power Spike not decaying combo over time and instead resetting.
  • Fixed Rollers not being affected by Limbo's Cataclysm (or Stasis) if they are already within the zone when its cast.
  • Fixed enemies Rift banished by Limbo able to interact with a non-Rifted Rampart.
  • Fixed Euphona Primes bullet spread not being based on the crosshair as a center point.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones not displaying any of your equipped weapons.
  • Fixed various Syandanas clipping through Titania’s wings.
  • Fixed Channeled finishers with Zaws not activating Dispatch Overdrive or Exodia Brave.
  • Fixes towards Clients having their Abilities blocked if they join a Host right as they transition through the initial Onslaught Conduit.
  • Fixed being unable to rush Sentinel crafting when you are out of Sentinel slots.
  • Fixed kill scan mechanic (Synoid Heliocor, Astral Autopsy Mod) not functioning.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones applying Melee Stealth bonus 100% of the time.
  • Fixed Chroma’s Spectral Scream not using Energy colors.
  • Fixed Shotgun Scrambus projectiles not being deflected by Zephyr's Turbulence.
  • Fixed issue where the player would appear as an enemy if they flew a Dargyn that had been marked as a way-point. The marker will now update to reflect when a marked enemy or ally changes allegiance.
  • Fixed Friend Invite notifications appearing regardless of whether the associated option is toggled on or off.
  • Fixed Pyrana Primes ethereal buff being permanent by Transferring to the Operator while the ethereal Pyrana buff runs out.
  • Fixed Djinn’s Reawaken Mod not Reviving your Sentinel while controlling the Operator.
  • Fixed getting stuck in the ground when attempting to enter Archwing which resulted in a Mastery Rank 25 progression stopper.
  • Fixed Khora’s Venari disarming Vor after attacking him.
  • Fixed Nezha’s Warding Halo damaging ragdolled enemies impaled by Divine Spears at a much higher hit per interval than intended.
  • Fixed timed run score in Dojo Obstacle Courses being given to the hosting player instead of the client that ran it.
  • … and much more!


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2 minutes ago, (XB1)ManicZanic said:

So what would cause the update to fail cert?

If the Xbox certification team detects something hazardous in the build, which would then harm the Xbox software, most likely. But I don’t think this will happen as DE’s console teams are extremely careful. 

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Thank you so much for all that you do!! You guys are amazing, you’re so busy with tennocon, fixes and tweaks, Venus etc...and yet you still manage to get this sent off to cert!!


DE and it’s entire team are the kind of dev team that every studio out there should look at and be taking notes from.


Thank you.

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5 minutes ago, (XB1)OTF SERENiTY said:

If the Xbox certification team detects something hazardous in the build, which would then harm the Xbox software, most likely. But I don’t think this will happen as DE’s console teams are extremely careful. 


So the cert process is more or less a make sure the game isn't harmful to the Xbox ecosystem not the game functions properly sort of deal. 

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