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The Stalker- Fan Lore


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so i was bored and started writing and kinda came up with this, don't hate me for anything keep any harsh comments at a low down, this is just strictly fun and my eye on stalker.  so without further ado


Warframe - The Stalker


I once was a Tenno just like you.

Pitiful; Ashamed of my existence, slaving under the command of that 'Dog' the Lotus.

Who does she think she is, she isn't even one of us and yet we bow down and move at her command.

When i rebelled against her, she thought that i could be Quarantined, put out, put to rest;

hmmp... well she was wrong. Did she really think that i could be tamed and tied up like some animal.


I am know as the Stalker, a vengeful spirit that hides in the shadows.

I now do the work of the highest bidder as long as its against what Lotus stands for, I find it better to work for a crap load of credits then to be a slave of that $#*(@.


I am unlike any other Tenno. I am pure, I am not restricted to the Abilities of the Suit; I am ever evolving... adapting to the ever changing universe. I move at will, I am one with my warframe and it with me.

My Arsenal, my tools are ancient but deadly, they are as swift at night and as sharp light cutting through the leaves leaving its mark on the group, its twilight. i am at peace with nature, without it i wouldn't be who I am now.


Lotus, heed my warning and my cry I will come for you.

I was the first and will be the last, you took my glaive but not my life. 

You cannot kill a soul that already died, or a suit that lives within its controller.

I will destroy everything you live and breathe for, your darling slaves with fall at my feet as my 'Hate', uses the Hatred inside me to tear their frames right from their bodies as 'despair' and anxiety slowly rots their slow and 'dread' fills their mind.

Do you finally understand, you cannot kill the Creator, the curse and the cure. 


I am The Stalker.

        I am Hayden Tenno

                  The beginning of everything 

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just had this thought: what it "Tenno" is not the "source"...
i.e. Pre-Tenno + Stalker belongs to something... older.
i.e. Stalker is/was NEVER Tenno.


The predecessors of Tenno and Stalker belonged to some "old" order.
Tenno "betrayed" and splintered off, lead by the A.I. known as Library of Tenno Utilization Services, which could have another dark hand behind.

IF: The "old" order was not happy. So they send out their Security Division, to try to cleanup/control the betrayers. Their security personnel wears specialized frames and weapons. (Stalker may not be necessarily just ONE.)

IF: Tenno or LOTUS's betrayal caused the "old" order to collapse. Stalker remained either as one of the original member of the "old" order, or some new tool created by the "old" order, to exact revenge on the "betrayers".

Just alternative to the "Stalker is/was a Tenno" idea... (which isn't bad, but kinda boring after the 500th speculations)

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