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Orokin Void Defense: Did The Cryopod Fall Under?


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So a few of us were having a crack at Tower III Defense.


Aside from the host lagging up everyone, everything was rather normal (suppose the forced key user being the host and knowingly lagging is "normal" too based on design).


Anyways....come wave 2...we're approaching completion when...WTF? Where'd the pod go!


I've had this happen before on the Corpus tileset where it's like a sniper's paradise with all the long walkways and whatnot. In that case, the pod spawned on one of the sides. When it disappeared, found out too late it respawned on the bottom middle platform.


In this case, however, we could not find the pod. Suspect it fell outside the map somehow because the AIs would spawn and just dawdle about...only engaging the Tenno on occasion.




Thankfully we were able to play hide & seek with the remaining mobs and finished the mission. Phew.

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