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The Orikin Guardians, A Clan Of Guardians (Recruitment) Help Us, Join Us


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Hello, I am the warlord The7thguardian, and this is my clan. Our clan is in a recruitment state, and we really do need members.


Storm Clan... We need your Help Tenno.


It's true that we do not own a high rank on operations nor events, but we are doing it with time and effort. Our clan dojo is almost complete, just need some halls. We have all labs, Obstacle course and dueling rooms.


Please help us and join us in our clan. We are only 70+, but we really need your consideration to our needs.




For Librarian (Utility)

- There aren't much rules for this class...


For Initiate

-  Keep the research going

- Never cancel a research

- always contribute for the research


For Soldier

- Recruit members/ players above rank 1

-  Keep the research going

- Never cancel a research

- always contribute for the research

For Sage
- Withdraw less amount in the clan vault
- Focus on contributing for incomplete rooms
- Same rules on Initiate and Soldier
For Leader
- Same rules on Sage
- Be careful when adding permissions of others
For Guardian (Officer)
- Promote members with loyalty, not just for fun
- Never demote members, if they disobey these rules, then demote them with one rank low
- Same rules on Leader
For Primed (General)
- As an Architect, build rooms under supervision of the warlord
- Never destroy a room
- Destroy rooms when the warlord says so
- Never play with decorations nor rooms nor the room options
- Be careful when undergoing in the room options
- Same rules on Guardian
For The Magician :D (Warlord)
- Of course, be loyal to all clan members
- Never play with your rank
- All rules listed above
- I do not know who put this here. Lol.
- Never destroy the room, unless warlord says so (for Architects)
- Never play with the room options
- Never mock your enemies
- There aren't any rules here, so have fun coloring with your favorite styles.
- incomplete rooms
- Incomplete Decorations
- Have fun
- Hang out with Clan members
This is all, have fun in joining in our clan, just type below your alias and say you want a clan invite. Thank you. 
Consult one of these High Ones. 
New Update!: (0.1)
New hallway with weird decorations which were placed on the ceiling, wall and on the floor!
All research is almost done!
New Update!: (0.2)
Dragon250620 has made the highest score in the Obstacle Course! Can you beat him?
New Update!: (0.3)
StromCloaks clan was wishing to untie these clans in some ways,
1. By transfer
2. By website
3. By Alliance
*Choose one so that I can inform this to them.*
Announcements: To those who are inactive, we must kick out inactive players if other recruits are being welcomed. Inform the High Ones for your safety, thank you.
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