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Is Sgt Nef Anyo Bugged?


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 Alright. Some quick questions.


 1. Is a Mod dropping every time? Resources?


 2. Is the Boss behaving strangely when you fight him?


 3. Are you using weapons that tend to send enemies flying?

All of the above I would imagine because he drops everything I want... mod... rare resources... Sometimes a Mag...

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1. Mods no. Resources yes. 


2. Not really, he is just stealthing like normal and then running around doing nothing in particular. 


3. Nope. I pretty much kill him in 2 seconds with a Braton Prime. I switched out the Orthos Prime just for this reason. 


Just find it strange that in 2 days of trying, and well over 40 runs now I haven't even seen a duplicate BP off him. Let alone the one that I need. 

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Found this other guy in another forum going for rhino with 100+ runs already. Seems normal nowadays.

I actually stopped running for Ash recently due to having done too many runs vs Tyl, a fairly boring boss. Considering Ash is the only frame I either don't have, or am not currently building. I think I can manage for a while.
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