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Saryn: "go Away Numbers, Leave Me Alone"


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How did you get your Venom to spread to a holocaust of enemies like that!?


For starter I got a Vauban and a Rhino off screen backing me. We were on wave 39, so the baddies there are REALLY though, and could easily take a lot of venom stacks. As for spreading said stacks, pretty much every one had an automatic rifle (Flux, Gorgon and Twin Vipers) plus 2 Dethcubes assorted with maxed Shred and ROF mod. 


I grabbed like 4 pictures like that but that one is the best. I'm looking away because the venom stacks dropped my FPS to 4 and I was scared I would crash if I saw it directly. 

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ah ah ah, the real question is: How did the F*** he get his Venom to spread to a holocaust of invisible ennemies like that???


They're just behind the camera, the numbers just float in front of my view even if I'm not facing the right direction.


I mean I am a wizard. Definitely what I meant. 

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