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Cloning: The Lore-Friendly Reason Of Warframes.


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So here is the theory: (I won't elaborate too much, my threads have the life-span of a colony of cliff-dwelling Lemmings)


Since the Corpus can't invent anything useful on their own, they steal from Orikin technology and designs. Since they take so much stuff, I think they found an Orikin Cloning facility, wherein they stole almost every material in there. Since the Grineer needed armies, the Corpus tried to replicate the Orikin tech and sell it. 


I believe that all of the different frames are simply cloned bodies of old Tenno. Since Orikin are amazingly OP technology-wise, they might have been able to recreate the human to a 97% accuracy. This is why I think there can be multiple frames of the same type. 


"But wait," I hear you cry,"How can I change between warframes as a player?"


Quite simple: Because the human brain is so elaborate, so complex, that it can't be replicated (save fro Grineer, who somehow replicate and keep enough of a brain to spit out the same 5 lines of dialogue and function in a soldier-like manner), Orikin use machines in place of a brain. These machines allow remote access and control of the body through a System-wide cloud. To keep the bodies from aging while not in use, warframes are put in the Cryopods at their home base until ready to use. The "Player" transfers from machine to machine, this allows the consciousness to control each frame, and upon the frame's users body getting irreparably damaged, the consciousness is spit back out in to the cloud, where it can watch it's teammates and even communicate with them.


So, there is my theory. 

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