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Can't Play Invite Only Missions


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I don't know how long this has been going on. I don't often play invite only, but when I went to play a void mission with my friend, I invited him and it told him that he could only join with an invitation from the host. We tryed again with him being the host and it didn't work, I got the same message he did. We spent a few hours playing around, reinstalling, switching and forwarding ports etc, trying everything we could think of. At this point we determined that the problem persisted if i was in invite only mode. My friend suggested i log into another account to see if it was a problem with my install, or my computer so I logged into one of his brothers accounts and the problem was gone, no further issues, but i cant figure out whats wrong with my account or how to fix it, also i've contributed to a dojo so reseting isn't an option(i wouldn't want to anyway, iv played over 200hrs)

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