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Hello, we are recruiting any1 who wishes to join our squad. However, we strongly suggest you get a clan key before you join, but its up to you. We don't have any rules about new players, but as said before we strongly recommend you make the clan key. Need resources for weapons or a new warframe? Our community will help you get any resource you want. Although at the moment we are a ghost clan, we will soon get more forma and build a bigger dojo. 


What our clan offers:


1. We are currently building a dueling arena (where you can pvp with your friends or other clan members)and a new hallway.


2. Possibly may build obstacle course for you guys out there.


3.Our members are usually online and will help you with resources or missions no matter what.


Please tell your friends about the dojo. lol. Excited about the dueling room. :D

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