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XB1 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (+Prime Vault & Hotfixes!)


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31 minutes ago, (XB1)Abauress2 said:

No still can't log in tryed everything myself so your not alone and I'm sure there are others

Same here I've heard people saying to re install the game again but my internet connection is slow. I still can't get past the second screen were umbra is kneeling

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11 hours ago, (XB1)s MONSTRO s said:

Interesting quest but not so long that a was thinking. And umbra oh god a incredible warframe a great suport frame a great DPS frame and a great tank frame. Definitly Umbra is always for any mission

Tank? No

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3 hours ago, (XB1)MildWitDatYac said:

Tank? No

Tank? Yes. Put Life Strike on that Exalted Blade. I can stand in the Simulacrum full of level 155 Corrupted Heavy Gunners and laugh while I watch their body parts fly. Take some hits and Hunter Adrenaline will keep your energy up. Got energy so tap the left trigger to activate Life Strike and now you are topped back up on health. Gets pretty darn tank-y.

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On 2018-07-06 at 8:50 AM, [DE]Megan said:

July 6th Hotfix #1:

Please note that we are avidly investigating other issues such as 'Stuck on launcher', 'infinite spinner on login', and 'pressing A to launch Warframe causes a crash'. Thank you for your patience as always - we'll get it all sorted!

  • Fixed inability to PM players who had 'Timestamps' enabled for Chat.

Quest Fix Spoiler

  •   Reveal hidden contents

So, I have found a bigger problem pertaining to this section, and according to several users on Reddit, I am not the only one.


Upon equipping Umbra right after completing construction, the roar animation completes and he lunges towards your operator. The only reason I know what happens next is because I watched Brozime's playthrough. Your operator is grabbed by the throat as Umbra glares at you with his ragged eye, before slamming you against the wall, allowing you to grasp his shoulder and see into his mind. That is what should happen. Instead, the camera moves, but the two models do not move with it. When Umbra grabs you, his head never moves to reveal his ragged eye, and your operator never reacts in shock. The camera moves to slam you against the wall, but Umbra never follows through. The animation plays for you to travel into his mind, where you are stuck staring at Ballas and your son, who stand motionless. The only way to move forward now is to clear your app data and clean launch the game.

Having done all of this, I have a few notes.

  • Upon multiple relaunches, there has been instances where you can see the immobile Umbra standing where he clearly should not be. It seems as though he does not move once he grabs you.
  • When clean launching the game, I am able to enter like normal, respawning in my Nyx Prime, before strolling back over to equip Umbra again. At the very least, this means that I do not have to try and obtain Umbra again, he remains in the inventory despite the crashes.
  • Spawning into the room with Ballas, Komi is not playable. The camera moves, but the story does not progress.
  • On a side note, when first launching the quest, it did take several seconds before the very first cinematic played, After I touched the helmet.
  • I have not changed my controls in any way. I am playing on the classic setup.
  • Xbox Live is not owned as of this post.
  • The Items I have equipped are such: Nyx Prime, Tiberon Prime, Sicarus Prime, Kronen Prime, Helios.
  • Operator items include: Zenurik, Scarf, Vahd and Ceno pieces, Amp parts are Shwaak, Shraksun, Juttni. (222)
  • I have not changed much in the way of settings, and I do not believe anything I have changed is radical
  • Before I forget, yes I have tried unplugging and/or hard resetting my Xbox.

This is all I can think of that you will need. Please tell me if there is more information you need.

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On 2018-07-05 at 11:00 AM, [DE]Megan said:



As promised, we are re-running the Twitch Drops Campaign for our console Tenno who have been patient and strategically avoiding spoilers. Now that the update is live, we want to remind you that the campaign will be a bit delayed to launch due to TennoCon 2018. We will have an official launch time to share at a later date. 

We will be posting a new thread when the Campaign goes live with all of the information you need to earn your Twitch Drops. You can expect the same rewards earned the same way as noted in our updated campaign: 


Any word on when the Sacrifice Twitch drops will re-run yet?

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