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Plains of Eidolon Archwing Camera freeze

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While on Plains of Eidolon, transitioning to archwing while menu (ESC/pause/in-mission menu) is up freezes camera to point of view/location that it was at when you paused, while allowing you to still move in archwing. Additionally, when transitioning back out of archwing (through quick melee), camera changes position to a top down view of where archwing was, then remains frozen.

(Edit: to clarify, to do this, place archwing beacon, stand on top of beacon, press ESC before archwing deploys, then ESC again after it deploys and you're in archwing mode)

During all of this, Archwing and warframe are normally controllable (though actual navigation is difficult). Further state transitions (between archwing/warframe) move camera to where change took place but don't move it. Minimap correctly reports location of archwing/warframe.

Camera freeze can be returned to normal by going into and out of ESC menu, or use Transference to switch to Operator

In Archwing. Able to move around freely, change direction of movement by moving mouse. Camera remains fixed in this spot.


Top down view after exiting archwing from that location. Again, still able to move warframe around, camera just doesn't move:KeHwtyC.jpgby returning to in-mission menu then leaving menu.

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